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CKW IYASSFTHI am announcing the release of my new single, “IF YOU AIN’T SHOOTIN’ FROM THE HEART” and I am excited! It is from my latest “REMIX REFLECTIONS & DREAMS” Album and has never been formally released for larger scale promotions. The song is the second cut on “REMIX REFLECTIONS & DREAMS” and is currently available for downloads and listening from this album on the Cheryl K. Warner Online Music Store, as well as also being the second cut from the same album on iTunes, CD Baby and most digital internet outlets.  I will certainly appreciate your support of this new release and all of my music that I have been passionate to create for you! 

I love this song and think that my timing for the song’s release is “perfect” … it has a “fun/feel-good/sassy” attitude, with a contagious/danceable beat and it is truly and purely “country!”  I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed working with it!

A cast of many talented people helped me create the song that was written by Brenda Anderson and Sandy Ramos, produced by Jay Vern and me, perfectly mixed and mastered by Tommy Dorsey and Michael Martin; what a privilege it has been to have this excellent team helping me!

More information will follow soon!

God Bless & love,

Cheryl K.