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Announcing “ARE YOU READY” Single Release




Hi Everybody!

We’re preparing to release another single into our very successful mix of radio and video songs from our current Album, “These Are My Colors”.  The new song is “Are You Ready” and is quite a song, another song coming to me early in the morning this past spring with a message from God, again coming to me so easily, almost writing itself like what happened in the writing of “Visions”.  I’m very happy to present these songs to you and pray that they will bless your lives!  The video of “Are You Ready” is starting production this week by Wildhorse Entertainment … we will definitely keep you posted!  As one of the songs on my “These Are My Colors” Album, it is available on Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, iTunes and from our Store and other internet outlets.  Our production of “Are You Ready” makes it a Southern Gospel song, with a strong New Orleans style flavoring, making it very interesting … hope you’ll enjoy it!  I send a big shout out to my multi- talented collaborator, Jay Vern and to all the talented musicians and singers who have contributed so generously to our hit music!

Everything happening around our singles “Counterfeit Country Queen” and “Visions” is going steady and strong, with both songs continuing to garner high chart positions on many charts and in multi-format radio formats.  Sending BIG THANKS to God, to radio and to the awesome DJS, to my loyal family, friends, fans and to my truly amazing team and associates … I’m nothing without all of you and I again thank you from my heart!  Here’s the LINK to my “Counterfeit Country Queen” VIDEO:  I also want you to have my LINK for “Visions” VIDEO, hoping you’ll enjoy and share both videos. 

I will send you the link to the new “Are You Ready” Video just as soon as it’s available!

coming-soonMore great news … our “Counterfeit Country Queen” Doll and Children’s Book are making lots of progress in development!  Sonos’ expert help with the Doll is incredible; we’re in the final stages of design before going to the next phase of creating our Prototype for replication!  AND, we’re excited to announce that we have found a very fine publisher who will be publishing the book … Headline Books, Inc., headed by Cathy Teets.  The company is the 2016 Independent Publisher of the Year and has won 396 national awards!  Ashley Teets, Cathy’s daughter, is the gifted and talented illustrator of the book … so grateful to have such amazing help!

Hoping you’re enjoying this great season with your family and friends, so until next time…

God Bless, love & thanks again, 

3-07-12 Cheryl K. Warner