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Hi Everybody!

Once again, I wish you a Happy New Year filled with many blessings!  Already, 2017 is looking very promising for my family, my team and I … let me give you an update!

We have released our first single of the year to Radio.  The song is “Lookin’ Glass,” written by me and is a song released from my “Remix Reflections & Dreams” Album.  We’ve never had it out there as a single release before.  My very respected promoter, Howard Rosen and his team expressed that they felt it is a strong song that he expected would do well on Top 40/AC Pop Radio, so we decided to go for it!  Also, it is being released to Country Radio, with promotions by the Sherry Lynn and Gary Bradshaw team; we’re hoping all of our fans, the amazing DJs and Radio will love and support it.

Created by Ashley Teets

Ashley Teets created an amazing art drawing for “Lookin’ Glass” that’s a perfect “reflection” of the meaning of the song.  We’re sharing that with you and hope that you’ll love it as much as we do, thank you Ashley!  And, I also want to give high credits regarding the song to Jay Vern, my Co-Producer and to all the fabulous musicians, singers and engineers who shared their talents with me, thank you.  I send very special thanks to the late, great “Hoot” Hester who played fiddle on the song, making it sound just like a violin performance for much of the song.  We all miss “Hoot” and his immense talents.  He was a regularly playing musician on the Opry for years and was also a highly regarded Nashville studio musician.

Lookin’ Glass” is available right now, from my “Remix Reflections & Dreams” Album on Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, iTunes, our Store and other internet outlets, as are all of my other songs and albums.  My videos “Are You Ready,” “The Auction,” “Counterfeit Country Queen,” and “Visions” are all available on YouTube, as well as other video outlets.  I love creating great music for you, hoping you’ll enjoy it, love it and share it with those close to you! 

I’d like to send a shout out to Brenda Brown Entertainment today!  Brenda is a “creative genius” on my team who helps me send out my messages to the world!  Thank you from my heart, dear friend … what you do for me is “unforgettable,” just like you!

Here’s an exciting “News Flash!”  The illustrations and lay-out for my upcoming Book are almost finished and soon we will go to printing!  I can’t wait to finish the Book and share it with you … I will keep you updated on this!

Please stay warm and safe in this cold weather, I’ll be back with you soon … so until then …

God Bless & Love,