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He’s got the whole world in his hands. He’s got the whole wide world in his hands…

Dear Family & Friends,

Presently, we are a Country and a World on hold for many things due to our current situation with the highly contagious Coronavirus.  We certainly did not choose our circumstances; however, we are left to find our strengths to successfully walk this journey.

Faith is the foundation that keeps my family and I grounded.  God is always so good, protecting, guiding and directing us.  We know that, regardless of what is happening, God is in charge and He will watch over us, no matter what, we just need to pray to Him.  It is with Him, with His Light and Love, that we have infinite Hope and a bright future! Read more

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Dear Family and Friends,

Since we last talked, so much has happened.  Our world is at War with a deadly virus that we knew nothing about until the last few months.  There has been widespread sickness and loss of life, requiring us to be physically distant from each other, which is so very hard for all of us.  We miss being physically close to one another, for it is our nature to thrive when we can be together.

However, we are facing these new challenges with great valor, courage, resilience and the strongest ever desire to help one another, like we have never witnessed before.  Even though we are physically distanced from each other, there is unprecedented caring, sharing and so much love being shown.  It’s almost like God has hit our “reset” button to awaken us to what should be our priorities . . . our dependence on Him, on family, friends and getting back to genuine love and caring for all of humanity.  The pause that we are required to take now is certainly not easy, but with that, we are on a huge learning curve, restructuring many of our priorities to become simpler, with important focuses that we have rediscovered. Read more

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Cheryl K Warner Announces Consulting Opportunity

If you believe that you have the talent to succeed in the business of music, Cheryl K. wants to be your mentor. You will need to demonstrate your talent via a simple home recording and, with that, Cheryl K. can determine if you have a shot in this highly competitive business. However, there is room at the top of the business for you, if you can learn from a professional who has independently succeeded, without the help of a major label. Cheryl K. will, in a crash course of instruction, teach you and share with you all of her secrets to a successful music career. At present, she is very active with her own career as a recording artist, songwriter, producer, music consultant and author. She will, however, make the time to help you if you’re qualified, since she has a great desire to give back.

You can see all of Cheryl K. Warners accomplishments by visiting any of the following.

Combining the honesty of her country roots, with the heart of Gospel and the energy of rock, her voice provides a mirror in which her listeners and readers see reflections…of their lives…and of their dreams.

Cheryl K. is a sensitive, emotionally moving author, songwriter and recording artist, and is also an entertaining stage performer, capable of bringing an entire audience to their feet.

Over the span of her career, Cheryl K. has entertained thousands…from Nashville to Las Vegas, Austin to Detroit, and is appreciative of her success in markets all over the world, resulting in large and cherished international fan bases. Her additional career as an author is off and running, with the successful launching of “Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams” in 2017, followed by a second inspiring children’s new title in 2018, “Counterfeit Country Queen: Jesus & Nashville Calling,” with subsequent books to follow in her “Counterfeit Country Queen Book Series.”

Cheryl K.’s efforts have produced multiple chart-topping singles on national and overseas country and pop charts (fourteen #1’s and 47 chart toppers). Cheryl K. gives much of the credit for her success to God, her family, her fans, her friends, her fabulous team and business associates and very importantly, to Radio and the Worldwide DJs. Some of the music producers who have worked with Cheryl K. are: Norro Wilson, John Golden, and most recently, Jay Vernali (co-producer with Cheryl K. of five of her most successful albums). All have found her distinctive style to be uniquely individual. Even more impressive is the universal acceptance of her vocal presentation and the messages in her songs. This blend has rewarded Cheryl K. with a consistent worldwide ranking among The Top 200 Most Played Artists, as well as receiving eligibility for Grammy Balloting in four categories in 2017, and ballot eligibility for Best Country Album in 2012. To date, her videos, (such as “The Auction” with over 6.6 million views currently) have become “hits” on YouTube and other video outlets, all produced by Wildhorse Entertainment.

Whether in a Concert Arena, at a State Fair or in the Showroom of a Las Vegas Resort, this strong woman, who embodies passion, poise and grace, has shared her stage with many Nashville headliners. Cheryl K. is also proud to be a voting member of NARAS (The Grammy Awards), CMA Sterling Member (The Country Music Association) and BMI (as a writer and a music publisher). Cheryl K. will touch you with her ability to reach out to her audiences and readers, stirring their emotions as she sings and writes about love, about her faith…about the simple joys and hardships of living. Everyone has their own special time and place to be heard. Like country music itself…

CHERYL K. is timeless. Read more

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Hi Everyone!

I’ve been trying to push the gray days into sunshine with my “music and book” dreams, and of course, with a grateful spirit always for the love of God, my family, friends, fans, for Radio and my loyal DJs, for my amazing team and business associates, and of course, for all of you!  I see nothing but sunshine, regardless of the still winter weather!

My focus has been to “work harder and dream bigger” for you!  My family, team and I have been working long hours on many projects, with both of my books and perfecting my music. Read more

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Hi Everybody!

Alright, what an exciting time it is for us right now!  There’s no time for any of the negative things that are going on in the world, we just have to move forward, reaching for our goals and trying to do our part to make this a better World.

That’s my goal in everything that I do.  I love my work, every part of it, and especially in being able to reach out to you with God’s love, hoping to make each day better for you with my work.  There’s not a better feeling than being able to go beyond self, with focus on others.  My dear Mother taught me this lesson well, thanks Mom. Read more

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Hi Everybody!

I received messages from so many of you around Thanksgiving and felt so blessed!  Thank you for thinking of my family and me, it means so much!  My Thanksgiving Weekend will be unforgettable this year, although many people that are near to my heart could not be here.

Two of our three children and their families came to be with us for four days . . . wow, what an amazing time we had!  Lots of together time, much laughter, little sleep, and delicious food while we were “counting our blessings!” Read more

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Hi Everybody!

This communication with you has been so challenging for me this time.  My old computer failed and was inoperable.  So, I bought a brand new one thinking, yay, everything would be fixed!  Wrong, the new computer caught the same disease that the old one had, so now, with the 7th tech support attempt to fix everything, we will soon move on, we hope!

But nothing can ever take my heart away from wanting to stay in touch with you, allowing me to let you know what you mean to me and, also to let you know what a great blessing you are to me!  I send my heartfelt thanks to God, my family, friends & fans, to Radio & my awesome DJs, to my “excellent, loyal” team, and to my business associates . . . you’re incredible, I love all of you! Read more

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Hi Everybody!

This week, I’m so excited to have voted in two different areas that I hold very dearly.  First, I have voted early in the Midterm elections of our great Country.  It is a blessing to be an American, I am grateful every day for my citizenship and understand that as an American, I am privileged to have freedom and the right to happiness with my family and friends, being able to pursue my dreams, and with God’s inspiration and direction, having the ability to control my destiny.  That is powerful.  Right now, there are many things that Americans need to fix and we can do that with our thoughtful voting.  Click here for your polling place locator. Read more

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Hi Everybody!

Well, I just can’t contain my excitement about working on projects for you, and yes, there are many! However, I will try, as hard as I can, to focus on just a few for your update this time.

But first, I’d like to comment on how much my family and I are enjoying the cooler temperatures.  I feel so energized to work and be creative.  Again, I’m feeling a nudge from God to get to work!

So now, we’re preparing for the Christmas release of my second inspirational children’s book, “Counterfeit Country Queen Jesus & Nashville Calling.” Officially, we’ll be having a small gathering of family and friends around Thanksgiving to celebrate the second book’s release, what a blessing!  Sometimes God has a perfect timing in mind for us, if we just will take the time to listen.  Since the book is primarily about how Jesus has directed my life and career path, a Christmas release just feels right. Read more

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Hi Everybody!

Well I must say, fall is coming in with a bang, God is so good!

It is amazing to me how God continues to put wonderful people into my life!  While attending a work party for my husband, we were being entertained by Jay W. Hocutt, a seriously talented singer/songwriter/guitarist. My husband and I came to know him there, and since then, have had several meetings about joining forces for live performances and our offering our help in the recording of his original songs with the magic help of Jay Vern!  You know, sometimes God has planning to show us, if we’ll just pay attention!  We’ll be working to see what we can create from this and will keep you posted! Read more