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Hi Everyone!

What a beautiful time of year right now; there’s so much color with everything blooming, trees budding, green grass and blue skies filled with billowing white clouds.

Yes, spring is filled with so much hope, especially thinking about Easter and it’s messages and promises of eternal life created by God’s divine plan and the sacrifices of Jesus!  I’m overcome with how He has shown us the greatest of all examples of love!

This year I’m honored to have my birthday on Easter and will be enjoying the day with part of my family, most likely having a nice dinner out and, if I’m lucky, an ice cream cake!

Now, to get to our over-the-top recording sessions!  We started our recording sessions on January 4th feeling great about starting 2019 this way.  The original purpose of the session was to record instrumental versions of some of my original songs to be used in the background of our audiobooks of our first two children’s books.  So, we accomplished that very well as well as completing my audio readings of both books.

The recordings of my original background songs for the books turned out so well that this project has also evolved into a whole new album of nine songs in addition to the book projects!  It goes without saying that our team is very excited and will be quite busy for a while completing everything! We have about three more recording sessions to go, along with mixing and mastering, so hopefully we’ll have a late spring or early summer release for the new album.

The good news with all of this is that we are finished with two of the songs and they are ready for advance release!  Both songs are stunning, totally new versions of “Are You Ready 2019” and “Nashville 2019.”  Please watch for them on our music/video outlets at Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, iTunes, YouTube, Star CCQ Boutique and other internet outlets.

Our audiobooks of “Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams” and “Counterfeit Country Queen Jesus & Nashville Calling” are currently going through the approval process to become available through Audible, Amazon and iTunes, please watch for them!  I loved doing the readings with my music!  

With our online Star CCQ Boutique, it is our goal to offer ladies uniquely, fashion-oriented products that will make them look and feel beautiful, currently specializing in Show Stopping Shoes, Elegant Earrings, Fashion Handbags and my original Music & Books! 

I love my “5 Star,” second-to-none team!  Thanks so much for your great talents, creativity, hard work and heart that you put into our projects.  I’m extremely thankful for so much love and help from God, my family & friends, fans, to Radio & the great DJs, to my team & music associates, thank you!

I wish you a beautiful Easter and spring, enjoy your family and friends until next time…

God Bless and love, Cheryl K.