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Hi Everybody!

I’m overwhelmed with feelings of love, gratefulness, and am so blessed . . . thank you!  All of you are beyond belief in your support of me and I sincerely appreciate you.  I always want to be there for you, just like you are for me!

On a more somber note, today is the birthday of our late grandson, Jake.  When talking about relationships, he really communicated with my husband and me, sort of an “old soul” for such a young age; he has a very beautiful soul.  Happy Birthday, Jake up there in Heaven.  We miss you, but will look forward to seeing you again, in God’s timing!

Thanks so much for helping me support our newest endeavor . . our new online Boutique!  It’s been so much fun selecting products from all over the world that we think you might love! Please come for a visit HERE.

The July 4th Holiday is extremely special for me.  It was on that Holiday that my husband and I were married, many years ago.  Yes, I’m so fortunate to have found my “soul-mate” for life and feel so blessed that we both made a commitment for life to love each other, grow in our lives, and, with God’s help, create the beautiful family that we have.  Happy Anniversary, Dave and thank you always for everything!

But also on July 4th, I celebrate our Country’s independence and am very humbled and proud of my American heritage, which I will never take for granted.  I am deeply touched by the sacrifices of our Military and our Veterans, having many family members who have served.  Thanks to all of you for the priceless gift that you’ve given me . . . freedom and independence. 

Having the gift of independence is truly priceless.  As a woman with many big dreams, I am committed to always reaching higher and higher for my dreams.  I very humbly thank God, my family, my friends and fans, my team and business associates, radio and the great DJs, for your being the wind beneath my wings . . . together, we are soaring!

I’m hoping you’ll continue to enjoy the works of my life . . . my music and my books, everywhere on the internet: on Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, iTunes, YouTube and more.  I work for you and love my job!  “Counterfeit Country Queen: Jesus and Nashville Calling,” my second Book, will be sent to the printer soon!  My first Book, “Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams” is available on Amazon, enjoy!

Have a wonderful Holiday!  So until next time . . .

God Bless & Love, Cheryl K.