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Dear Family & Friends,

Our lives now are totally changed due to Covid-19 and we have certainly had a large learning curve.  There are many things that have saddened all of us and we are grieving for those whom we have lost, for those who have been sickened and for a return to our previous lives.  We are all bonded by feeling these emotions. However, much to our surprise, we are now discovering new horizons, little moments and simplicity that we are finding to be more meaningful than the hectic paths that we had walked before Covid-19.

Our faith in God has strengthened, with most of us spending much more time in prayer to Him, always followed by feelings of comfort and peace amidst what is happening to us!  His Loving Arms of protection will carry us through every second of every day!  

I love how much more frequently we stay in contact with our families and friends, having  many more phone conversations than we used to have!  We share so much during these conversations, always trying to uplift each other, and checking to see if anyone needs to have toilet tissue mailed to them!  And, we are all cooking a lot these days, baking homemade cakes and creating recipes for dinner from whatever our pantries provide!  I must admit to one “failure” recipe recently.  I made spaghetti sauce having no tomato paste or sauce, only some not-so-good fresh tomatoes, at least I tried!

When things improve just a little, I will be releasing more of my music and trying to think about what you all might like at this time.  Any input would be appreciated!  In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy my music and books online on Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and other internet outlets!

My family brought tears to my eyes with their thoughtfulness on Mother’s Day.  I am sharing some of the pictures of their sweet gifts to me, thanking them from my heart once again!

Please stay safe and take good care of yourselves and your families.  I will look forward to talking with you again soon, so until then . . . 

God Bless & I love you,
Cheryl K.