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“Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams Book” SNEAK PEEK


Hi Everybody!

“Once upon a time, there lived a happy, young girl who had a loving family, with a good mother, father, and sister. They lived in a small city beside the river with close neighbors, family, and friends.

Finally, my “Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams Book” printing has been initiated … YAY!  It’s hard to believe that after nearly a year of work, our book will be soon be coming to life! It is projected to take approximately six weeks to complete the printing. Now begins another phase in the book’s life, and that is to develop the marketing venues to make it available to you.  I just can’t wait to share my children’s story with you, with hopes that it will inspire both you and your children! The story is autobiographical and has been beautifully illustrated by Ashley Teets.  I hope you’ll enjoy this “sneak peek” of our book!

I wanted to go to a university to study the arts, but my father guided my path into a nursing career to become a registered nurse.

Our current single “Lookin’ Glass,” was released the first of January and is now gaining a lot of momentum on radio.  This week, we are honored that the song is among the most added radio songs on the FMQB Adult Contemporary (Pop) Radio Stations, while also placing in the top 30 of several Country Radio Charts, I’m so grateful!  The song was written by me and co-produced in Nashville by my talented collaborator, Jay Vern.  “Lookin’ Glass” is released from my “Remix Reflections & Dreams” Album, which is available on Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, iTunes, our Store, YouTube and other internet outlets.  My most recently released Album, “These Are My Colors,” and my other Albums are also available on the mentioned websites, with my Videos “Are You Ready,” “The Auction,” “Counterfeit Country Queen” and “Visions” available on YouTube and other internet outlets, all produced by Wildhorse Entertainment.  It will mean so much to me if you will share my music and videos with everyone close to you; thanks so much for that in helping me grow my message-filled songs!

Spring will be officially here in about ten days … how exciting!  It’s time for new beginnings, fresh starts, new projects and getting out with family and friends to enjoy our beautifully awakening Earth.  I carry each of you always in my heart and am sincerely grateful to you for your great support; thanks to God, my family, friends, fans, to the DJs and Radio, to my team and associates, and again, to all of you … let’s continue this journey together!

Please take care, stay well and safe … I’ll be talking with you again soon …

God Bless & Love,