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Hi Everybody!

Thank you for your amazing support of our song and VIDEO of “Counterfeit Country Queen” … it all appears to be going better than our wildest dreams!  Please watch, enjoy and share our video with those close to you, click here.

It seems like it was just yesterday when I was performing in Las Vegas and wearing the white costume in this picture at mymgm shows there at the MGM Grand Casino and other Casinos in Las Vegas.  I was undergoing “stage training” under the guidance of my mentors, John and Kei Golden, with a full regimen of professional voice and stage coaching from some of the top professionals in Las Vegas.  Daily physical, vocal and stage work-outs were exhausting, but were amazingly worthwhile and are among my professional and life experiences that I will never forget.

This picture kind of says it all about the origin of my song, “Counterfeit Country Queen.” John and Kei took my picture CKW White Outfitduring a performance, after which the “historic fan,” who said he loved my performance, but had some doubts about my authenticity of being purely and solely a country music artist.  After returning home later, I addressed my feelings about his comment and wrote the song in about 15 minutes. I started performing the song live and my fans loved it, leading to subsequent recordings of it.  But it was not until our re-recording of the song in April of 2016 with Jay Vern, that I had felt that we finally able to achieve the sound that I had been hearing all along in my head…for years!

Just a few notes about the white costume in the picture.  It was custom designed for me by “Mya,” a prominent Las Vegas costume designer who also just happened to be a Belly Dancer at the Aladdin Casino!  John and Kei used to take me to the Aladdin for planet-hollywood-resort-casinomy regular costume fittings with Mya.  As you can see in the picture, it took quite a long time for her to create a design with such detail…and by the way, I still have it!  Sadly, the Aladdin had to be imploded to make way for the Planet Hollywood Casino, but I definitely feel that my early career training had a historical link to Las Vegas!

So until next time…

God Bless & love,

Cheryl K.