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Hi Everybody!

It’s great to be back in touch with you today; there’s always a lot that I want to share with you!  I already have that feeling that you get when you’re transitioning into the next season and I’m looking forward to fall, with all of the “crisp and cool” days ahead and all of the fun things associated with the season.

I have some good news for you.  I just finished writing Book Two of what now has become our “Counterfeit Country Queen” Series of books!  Book Two is longer than Book One, with new stories!  The editing process is already completed and soon we will start with the illustrations, which, by nature take a while to complete.  But all of this is so exciting for us and we’re hoping that you’ll be equally excited!

But there is even more good news!  Book One, “Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams,” illustrated by Ashley Teets, is doing quite well out there and has been recently honored in the Kid’s Corner of Kindle Daily Nation as “Kid’s Book of the Week!  I sincerely thank them for the honor of being selected and I also thank all of you for your great support of this and all of my projects. I continue to send “huge” thanks to God, my family, friends, fans, to my amazing team and associates, to Radio and the awesome DJs, and again, to all of you!  I hope that you’ll get your copy of my book, read it, enjoy it, and share it with its’ positive message for children of all ages.  Here’s one way of getting “CCQ Dreams” Book

Here’s the link to my vocal reading of the Audio Book

I want to reassure you that, yes, I’m still working hard and planning ahead with my music always on my mind.  I have been working on writing new songs a lot lately, songs just for you!  I will continue writing until I have an album of material to record comprised of songs from “me to you,” so stay tuned!

Thanks for your continued support and interest in my music; I feel blessed that it’s all going so well.  “These Are My Colors,”  “Remix Reflections & Dreams,” “Fantasy,” and “Most Requested” Albums and Songs, co-produced by Jay Vern, are all available on Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, iTunes, YouTube and other online outlets.  My Videos “Are You Ready,” “The Auction,” “Counterfeit Country Queen,” and “Visions, produced by Wildhorse Entertainment, are all available on YouTube and other online outlets, please enjoy and share!

Hoping you’ll take care, enjoy your family and friends, and be safe, so until next time . . .

God Bless & Love,