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Exciting Late Breaking Updates


Hi Everybody!

Well, it feels like we’re on a very fast roller coaster ride right now!  I just want to thank God for all of the blessings and thank each and every one of you for all you’re doing to make this a very special time in my career.  To my beloved family and friends, to my loyal fans, to awesome radio and DJs, to my fabulous team and associates, I say a BIG THANK YOU!

We just received news that “Visions” is a “#1” song on the 6-17-16 Country Internet Top 30 Chart!  It is such an honor to have a song like “Visions” reach the very top of many charts, carrying with it its’ strong, important message.  Also, noteworthy is the fact that we are also honored to be charting with so many phenomenal artists, both Major Label and Top Indie Artists.

And, it also appears that our “Visions” Video might just be going viral now, having 526,819 views as we speak and still counting!

Our newly recorded version of “Counterfeit Country Queen” is in its’ first week of radio promotion, with all of us and music industry professionals having very high hopes for the song’s success.  We are in production this week of a new video for “Counterfeit Country Queen,” with expectations of having it completed before the beginning of next week.  We will keep you posted and as always, we will appreciate your continued support of all of my music.

So, until next time, which will be soon…

God Bless & love,

Cheryl K.