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Image to be included in my second book. (Counterfeit Country Queen:  Jesus & Nashville Calling)

Hi Everybody!

It’s a sunny, warm, beautiful day at my house and I’m overjoyed to be back in touch with you!  My family and I have been challenged with a few bumps in the road, but are completely on the sunny side of that now, thanks to God and all of you!

Yes, God is so good and He is always there to bring us completely through any storms that we may encounter, what a blessing!  And, I’m also grateful to all of you for your great friendship and support . . . you are always there, too and you mean so much to me!

The life of Aretha Franklin, in her own words. Click image.

I want to share with you my priority social media postings for today:  “I salute you, Aretha Franklin. Thank you for sharing your great gifts with us, brilliant. You’ve inspired me as a woman and as a singer, teaching me to go into my songs to deliver my messages with soul. God Bless you, job well done.”

The messages in my songs and in my books, I feel that they are from God.  I’m finding more and more, that delivering these messages to you is my life purpose, of course, along with being the best child of God, wife, mother, grandmother, family member, team member, and friend that I can be.  My goodness, I’m sorry to be so serious this time, but Aretha’s passing has really affected my thinking today, God Bless her!

Okay now, the green lights are all on, shining brightly . . . I have so many things that I’m working on for you, so I want you to be as excited as I am!  I PROMISE updates very soon!  I’ve been discreetly very creative lately, that’s a very good thing, so many good things coming!

Your continued support of my music and my books is so appreciated!  Please share everything with your family and friends . . . proudly, we’re on Amazon, CD Baby, Google, iTunes, YouTube, and other internet outlets!

One last note, we are continuing to add many more Collections to our online Star CCQ Boutique, with the goal of making woman feel and look beautiful with our exciting “bling fashion” items, in all sizes.  Please come for a visit!  

Please take care, enjoy the last days of summer, and so, until next time . . .

God Bless & love, Cheryl K.