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Hi Everybody!

This communication with you has been so challenging for me this time.  My old computer failed and was inoperable.  So, I bought a brand new one thinking, yay, everything would be fixed!  Wrong, the new computer caught the same disease that the old one had, so now, with the 7th tech support attempt to fix everything, we will soon move on, we hope!

But nothing can ever take my heart away from wanting to stay in touch with you, allowing me to let you know what you mean to me and, also to let you know what a great blessing you are to me!  I send my heartfelt thanks to God, my family, friends & fans, to Radio & my awesome DJs, to my “excellent, loyal” team, and to my business associates . . . you’re incredible, I love all of you!

Okay, now, for the amazing book updates, with exciting music music updates to follow in my next blog!  Yes, after 18 months of hard work with my family and team, we’re ready to release Book 2 Thanksgiving week!  Its’ title is “Counterfeit Country Queen Jesus & Nashville Calling,” beautifully illustrated by Ashley Teets and is now available on Amazon and Star CCQ Boutique, here is the links.  Book 2 will be bundled with Book 1 (“Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams”) for holiday gifting at a great price.  “Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams” is also available on Amazon and Star CCQ Boutique, in print and, also in audio with my reading of it, here are the links.

We’re going to have a small party with family and friends Thanksgiving week to celebrate the release of Book 2 and are thrilled to have Jay Vern and Jay Hocutt entertaining us for the party, I’ll tell you all about it in my next blog!

I hope you’ll have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family and friends, so until next time,

God Bless & love you, Cheryl K.