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“Thank you for your part in helping me to creatively & personally live my dreams!”

Hi Everyone!

Okay, what we all need is to take a deep breath and appreciate this moment in time.  Nothing is ever completely perfect, but we need to celebrate all the good that we have today!

I’m so blessed to have love in my life, in many different levels, thank you.  God is very good and is always with us, just for the asking!  My Family, Friends, my Fans, Radio & my loyal DJs, my “5 Star Team,” my Business Associates . . . all of you I love beyond words and am blessed and appreciative for all that you bring to my life!

Now for all the breaking news . . . yay, it’s all so exciting!  As soon as it is feasible, like ASAP, we’re planning to release our first single titled “Nashville” from our new stellar album, titled “NO LIMITS!”  Yes, both titles are very appropriate, as my music heart is in “Nashville” and my team and I feel there are “NO LIMITS” as to where this music will go!  The song “Nashville” was written by a dear friend of mine, Frank Wainwright, the song was produced at Jay’s Place in Nashville by my amazing and talented friend, Jay Vernali and myself, with the “coolest” of all “5 Star” musicians that I will identify soon, and all of it “masterfully” mastered by Tommy Dorsey of Masterfonics in Nashville, TN and all of this being promoted by Howard Rosen Promotions, Los Angeles in the good ole USA and Brenda Brown Entertainment, Las Vegas, promotions to Europe.  We’ll provide links to all of it as soon as they’re available!

Let’s all enjoy the beauty of summer with our family and friends!

All right, now to update you on our Audio Books.  Book 1, “Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams,” is now live on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.  Please help me tell the world about it, since we’re proud to be bringing the world a premium product . . . a great inspirational book suitable for all ages, family friendly, narrated by yours truly, with my original instrumental music in the background.  We’re still working on bringing Book 2 live, will keep you posted!

I really appreciate your continued support of all of my music and videos, available on Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, iTunes, Star CCQ Boutique, YouTube and other internet outlets.  I am blessed to work tirelessly to bring you my best and I appreciate your incredible support of my work.  It is my life to bring you my very best, with passion and great love!

So until next time . . . 

God Bless and love you. Cheryl K.