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Hi Everybody!

Alright, what an exciting time it is for us right now!  There’s no time for any of the negative things that are going on in the world, we just have to move forward, reaching for our goals and trying to do our part to make this a better World.

That’s my goal in everything that I do.  I love my work, every part of it, and especially in being able to reach out to you with God’s love, hoping to make each day better for you with my work.  There’s not a better feeling than being able to go beyond self, with focus on others.  My dear Mother taught me this lesson well, thanks Mom.

Right now we’re working on many things with Jay Vern in Nashville, wow, it’s so exciting!  Soon, we’ll finish the audio versions of Book 1, “Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams” and Book 2, “Counterfeit Country Queen: Jesus & Nashville Calling.”  What makes these audio books extra special is the fact that, behind my readings of the books, we have instrumental sections of my original songs, with newly recorded tracks of these; everything will be truly original!  Talented Mastering Engineer, Tommy Dorsey of Masterfonics will add his final “magic” to the work that Jay Vern, the “Five Star” Music Row Studio Musicians and I have begun.  Both hardcover books are beautifully illustrated, by Ashley Teets, and are currently available on Amazon, please click here

Our work is just beginning on a “new” Remakes Album!  It just sort of evolved without really being planned, that’s just how God works sometimes!  We’ll keep you posted while we work.

All of my past music and music videos have formed a foundation for everything for which we’re working on right now.  I don’t know how to begin to thank you for your support, I so appreciate you!  My music and videos are available on Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, iTunes, Star CCQ Boutique, YouTube and other internet outlets.

I’m sending special thanks this time to Brenda Brown of Brenda Brown Entertainment for her love, excellence and magic that she provides for me with my online activities . . . thanks so much Brenda!

Happy Valentine’s Day . . . wishing all of you a very romantic and blessed day!  I love all of you beyond words and am grateful for your friendship and support, you’re so important to me!

So, take care of yourselves, until next time . . .

God Bless and love, Cheryl K. 

God Bless and love, Cheryl K.