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Hi Everybody!

I received messages from so many of you around Thanksgiving and felt so blessed!  Thank you for thinking of my family and me, it means so much!  My Thanksgiving Weekend will be unforgettable this year, although many people that are near to my heart could not be here.

Two of our three children and their families came to be with us for four days . . . wow, what an amazing time we had!  Lots of together time, much laughter, little sleep, and delicious food while we were “counting our blessings!”

Our small Party on Saturday officially launched our Book 2 Release of “Counterfeit Country Queen:  Jesus & Nashville Calling.”  It was an “incredible” experience for our family and friends who attended, sort of like a “magical” moment.  Our home looked beautiful, thanks to many people, especially my family who were still vacuuming when the food arrived!  I thank them from my heart.  Our white outside roof and dormer lighting was a beautiful welcome to everyone right from the start, while inside we kept everything softly lighted with a Christmas theme.

Our Book 2 Release was center stage, but the entertainment and food were stunning.  My Co-Producer, master keyboardist, arranger, and friend, Jay Vern came to our house from Nashville for the party.  His piano playing was brilliant, at times we felt like the roof was being lifted!  And, our newest talent discovery, Jay Hocutt, brilliantly sang his heart out with maybe a hundred songs, amazing!  He definitely won all of our hearts!  “#mytwojays” and I will be in the studio together in early January, being carefully “kept together” by my amazing husband, Dave . . .  it’ll be awesome, we’ll keep you posted!

I NEED YOU HELP!  Book 2. Counterfeit Country Queen:  Jesus & Nashville Calling,” is a very important children’s inspirational book, with an important message, along with Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams,” Book 1.  And it is now released on Amazon and HERE.  Please share this with your family and friends for me!  It would be so appreciated by me if you could write a positive review of my books on HERE to help me on my road to being a successful author, thank you!

I’ll talk with you again soon, so until then . . . God Bless & love, Cheryl K.