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Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year!  What a great feeling to have a new year and decade that are flawless and are available for us to start anew, working on our hopes and dreams.  Of course, there will be many new goals for all of us this new year and I’ll have upcoming surprises for you, so please be watching for our updates!

“The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.”   — Pablo Picasso

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The Christmas Holiday seemed to be over in a flash this year for my family and me.  We were blessed to have a gathering of seven members of our family at our house in celebration of the Birth of Jesus.  It was indeed a very special time for our family and our world to stop to remember the true meaning of this Holy time of year.

Last year was a productive and great year for us.  In January of 2019, we were at Jay’s Place on Nashville’s Historic Music Row recording music and voice tracks for our two audiobooks, “Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams” and “Counterfeit Country Queen Jesus & Nashville Calling,” both available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes; the tracks are awesome! 

Also, in January of 2019, we started the recording of my 5th album, No Limits,” which was completed and released on July 2nd.  At that time, we also released our first single from the album, “Nashville,” and right before the holiday, it charted at #36 on the prestigious Mediabase Activator Top 40 Chart (multi-genre).  We’re hopeful to have continued progress with the song and will keep you posted.  I’m sending out huge thanks to God, my family, friends, fans, to radio, the great DJ’s and to my incredible team, all who deserve most of the credit for everything; again, thank you from my heart!

With my album, “No Limits,” we were honored to have eleven approved entries on the 2020 Grammy Awards ballot for First Round competition.  While not being fortunate to go further, I was extremely grateful to participate as far as I did.  I’m sending huge thanks to my friend and genius producer/keyboardist, Jay Vernali, to all the five-star musicians and singers, and, to Tommy Dorsey for the brilliant mastering of the album; all of you are amazing!  The great music from “No Limits” is available at Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, iTunes, Tidal and other internet outlets (also at our Star CCQ Boutique).  

We’ll be back with updates soon, please take great care!

So, until next time . . . 

God Bless and love you, Cheryl K.