3-07-12 Cheryl K. WarnerDear Radio, Team, Family & Friends,

Today I am writing to thank you from my heart for everything that you do for me and for being such an important part of my life!  What a blessing you are to me; thank you for your amazing presence!

I want you to know that I will be taking a pause in some of my musical activities in order to allow time for me to work on new, exciting things for you.  I plan to work very hard and want to pleasantly surprise you with new things.  One of the surprises I have already talked with you about is the book that I’m writing and yes, there may be two books to discuss with you “if our Lord is willing and the creeks don’t rise!”  That’s a statement that my Mother used to say and it seems appropriate for what is happening with me right now!

Don’t worry a minute about anything…I plan to stay in touch with you and check in with you like I always do, but if a little more time elapses between our communications, just know that I am working hard on things to please you!

My latest musical releases are doing very well.  My “Remix Reflections & Dreams” Album has reached “Top 40” status on the RMR Album Chart.   My latest single, “If You Ain’t Shootin’ From The Heart” has reached the “Top 6” on several important charts.

This music is available on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and many other online musical outlets, please spread the word!

Thanks to you, my music videos continue to do well and have many views.  Even though Jake’s Video, “The Way You Do The Things You Do” is no longer available on YouTube, we can continue to honor his life by viewing it HERE

As a tribute to our farmers, I hope that you will continue to view and share “The Auction” video by clicking HERE

So until next time, I hope you’ll have a “Happy and Warm Spring” and that God will bless your lives as much as you have blessed mine…please take care!

Love & God Bless You,

Cheryl K.




During this special holiday, my thoughts turn to you and I am overcome with feelings of gratefulness.  I am very thankful to God for the people like you and for the miracles that He has put into my life.  What a privilege it is to have so many blessings from Him, my family, friends, team, associates and fans. I hope that I have been able to reach out to you as meaningfully as you have touched my life…thank you for being as important to me as I hope that I have been to you!

Hearing from you regularly just means the world to me! Forgive me if I’m unable to post and correspond with you as often as I would like; between my family, friends and working on my music, I stay happily busy all of the time!


quotes-for-familyWhile one of my daughters was baking cookies last night, I asked her what Thanksgiving meant to her.  She told me, “It’s all about being with family, following our traditions and being grateful for our blessings.”  I was very touched by her response, and I’m not surprised by it, knowing how awesome all of our children have grown to be.  I will miss all of our loved ones who cannot be with us this holiday.




So until next time, I want you to know that I’m being grateful for you this Thanksgiving and I’m hoping that you and your loved ones will have a beautiful holiday together.  I will be back in touch with you soon!

God Bless & love,

Cheryl K. 



I am so energized by all of the blessings that you are sending my way … thank you!  My “Reflections & Dreams” Album CD is doing extremely well so far, with the first two singles released achieving “hit” status and having great longevity at the top of the charts.  The Album is available for listening and downloading on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and most internet outlets.

r and d remix cdbaby logo download_itunes_button 

For the 11-08-13 New Music Weekly Country Main Chart, “The Way You Do The Things You Do” holds the position of #6 after being on this prestigious chart for “25” weeks and being in the company of many great artists like Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert and others!  We send our congratulations to our CKW Artist Sean Osborne whose new release “What’s Living All About” has jumped into the Chartbound Section of the 11-08-13 New Music Weekly Country Main Chart … we’re proud of you Sean!

11-08-2013 New Music Weekly Country Main Chart

Together, with you and your associates, our videos have soared:  “The Auction” YouTube Video currently has 6,636,798 views in one year all the while Jake’s Video (“The Way You Do The Things You Do”) has 2,090,894 views in just four months … wow!  It would mean so much to me if you would continue to watch and share both videos with everyone you know, since they both have very important purposes.

“The Auction” Video was created to draw attention to the important work that farmers do for each of us every day, while they are often undergoing many personal sacrifices . 

Jake’s Video (“The Way You Do The Things You Do”) was created to honor the life and memory of our extraordinary grandson, Jake, but also to draw awareness to the important need for discussion about the medication treatment options for juvenile epilepsy.

It has been a “dream come true” for me to become a successful Recording Artist.  But I also want you to know that my family and I have a full service Company, Cheryl K. Warner Productions, that includes a Record Label (CKW Records), a Publishing Company (Cheryl K. Warner Music, BMI), studio music production services, artist development, promotion, marketing and management services  Please contact us for more information.

Email Cheryl Directly by clicking on the Logo:

Cheryl K. Warner Logo    Final

So until next time, please take care …

God Bless & love, Cheryl K.



We have another occasion for celebrating!  October 11th was the one-year anniversary date for the YouTube video release of “The Auction,” with current views now at 5,639,184 and counting!  We never dreamed that it would be this successful, but we have always known that the song is very strong in the delivery of a powerful message that raises awareness for the important work of farmers and the many sacrifices that they make for each of us.  We thank God always for blessing us; we thank all of you for watching and sharing the video, hoping that you will continue; huge thanks also to my team, fans, friends and family for supporting this effort and all others.

“The Way You Do The Things You Do,” Jake’s song and video, have also been soaring over the past week.  On the 10-11-3013 New Music Weekly Country Main Chart, the song was at a very strong chart position of #7!  The YouTube video of the song now has 1,091,204 views in just a little over 3 months since its release date!  It touches my heart to be able to shine the light on Jake with the video, showing his beautiful, extraordinary spirit and personality.  Thanks so much to all of you for watching and sharing this music and his video, hoping that you will continue.  With the song and the video, in memory of Jake, we are trying to raise awareness and discussions about medication treatment options for juvenile epilepsy.


Both “The Auction” and “The Way You Do The Things You Do” are the first two single releases from our “Remix Reflections & Dreams” Album that is available on CD Baby, iTunes and other internet outlets…we hope you’ll love the music!

r and d remix  cdbaby logo   download_itunes_button

We are so proud of our CKW Artist Sean Osborne!  His new single release “What Living’s All About” made a strong debut on the 10-11-2013 New Music Weekly Country Main Chart.  This song is a follow-up to his first CKW single release, “Simple Days’ that introduced Sean as a very talented songwriter and artist.


So until next time, wishing you great times and good weather…take care!

God Bless & love,

Cheryl K.


9-26-2013 Cheryl K. Warner News Update!

It’s time for a celebration!  Because of blessings from God, and with your support and the support of my team, my fans, my friends and my family, we together, have achieved incredible things in the last 12 months…THANK YOU!

The AuctionCan you believe this?  In just 12 short months, our credits include “one #1 charted song, two charted top ten songs, a mega-hit video with The Auction and now, attached with heart strings, a video of The Way You Do The Things You Do, for Jake”…SO AWESOME!  The industry tells me that credits like this don’t often happen, so I am totally humbled and appreciative.  I just know that our beloved Jake is smiling down to us from Heaven!

SO LET’S JUST KEEP GOING…with God’s blessings and if your heart is right, there are no limits!

Please continue to watch and share “The Auction” to help us honor the important work of farmers:

JakeWe also pray that you will watch and share “The Way You Do The Things You Do” (Jake’s Video) so that we may help with awareness of treatment options for juvenile epilepsy:



r and d remix“Remix Reflections & Dreams” Album is being well received…I hope that you will enjoy my “labor of love,” available on CD BABY, iTunes and other outlets:

cdbaby logo



Until next time thank you again and take care!

God Bless & love, Cheryl K.



It’s amazing; in just 11 short months, “The Auction” YouTube video views are now 5,511,770!  Thanks so much to all of you…DJs, Music/Program Directors, Team Members, Fans, Friends and Family…I so appreciate your support of my music that is producing miraculous results!  The comments that you have made on the YouTube video site mean a lot to me, because you get it…you know why I recorded the song and produced the video.  Yes, it’s for our farmers, trying to make a difference for them by helping people realize just how important their work is and how many personal sacrifices they often make in doing the work that puts food on our tables every day.  So please help continue our work for the farmers by watching and sharing this video with everyone you know.

And now for more amazing news:  “The Way You Do The Things You Do,” Jake’s song and video have been soaring!  The song continues to gain momentum on many important charts (is at #8 on this week’s NMW Country Main Chart); we feel so honored to be sharing in the “Top 8” chart positions with great artists like Blake Shelton, Toby Keith and others, THANKS TO RADIO, MY TEAM MEMBERS, MY FANS, FRIENDS AND FAMILY!  Here’s this week’s NMW Chart:

9-20-2013 New Music Weekly Country Main Chart - # 8 The Way You

Jake’s video, “The Way You Do The Things You Do,” now has over 965,000 views!  I just know that our beloved little boy is smiling down from Heaven, knowing that so many people have fallen in love with him, seeing his lively spirit and personality and being enchanted by his wonderful smile and beautiful eyes!  THANK YOU for the touching and beautiful comments that you have made about him on the YouTube video site, we sincerely appreciate your reaching out to us.  With the video, our wish is to keep Jake’s memory alive, but also to create more discussion and awareness of the need for caution about the medications used in the treatment of juvenile epilepsy, with the hope that we can help other children and their families.  We also hope that you will watch and share Jake’s video.

Make sure to check out all of my music, just click on the logo’s below:

CKW Remix Cover   cdbaby logo


For now, I will close with our news, with hopes that you and your loved ones are well and enjoying the beautiful fall weather…take care!

God Bless & love,

Cheryl K.



After a relaxing Labor Day Holiday Weekend, we’re busy like you and back to working on all of the music for you!  With God’s direction and the help of radio, my team, my family and you, everything with my music is going just great…thank you for your great support!

Jake’s song, “The Way You Do The Thing You Do,” is continuing to gain momentum on many important charts and jumped 3 positions to #17 on the prestigious 9-06-13 New Music Weekly County Main Chart.  Our video of the same song now has 817,734 views, which makes me so happy for everyone to be able to see our beloved Jake.

“The Auction” video now has 5,261,230 views!  This also makes me very happy to be able make a huge statement for farmers.

So with your help, let’s just keep going!  I hope you’ll go to my links to CD Baby and iTunes that will enable you to download all of my music, including my latest album release “Remix Reflections & Dreams.”


cdbaby logo

Thanks to YOU, this Independent Recording Artist is able to reach for “big dreams!”

God Bless & love,

Cheryl K.  



I can’t believe that the end of summer is here and fall is approaching fast!  But as it has been very aptly said, time flies when you are busy!  Even though my family and I have not been able to get away for a real vacation, working together on my music has been lots of fun and very gratifying.

We have finally finished my “REMIX REFLECTIONS & DREAMS” ALBUM and are steadily getting it released to many internet outlets.  So far, it is digitally available on CD Baby and iTunes, with CD Baby continuing to distribute it via their partners, making it nationally and internationally available.  So PLEASE, go to these sites and download “REMIX” … I am so blessed that many gifted and talented people contributed to the high quality sound that we have achieved!  I sincerely thank my hard working team, the DJs & radio, my fans, my friends and my family for their great support of this project and all other projects…YOU ARE APPRECIATED!

CKW Remix Cover




cdbaby logo




With both Videos, we are purposeful with our goals.  With “The Auction,” we are trying to raise a positive awareness of the importance of the work of farmers and to portray a story of the personal sacrifices that they often make.

With “The Way You Do The Things You Do,” our desire is to honor Jake’s life and keep his memory alive…it is our unique scrapbook of moments in his life.  We would also like to raise discussions and awareness about the medications/ treatments for Juvenile Epilepsy, hoping to help other children and families that have this diagnosis, also hoping to prevent side effects from the medications that are being used for treatments.

Thanks so much for your support of both Videos…we hope that you will continue to watch and share them with everyone you know! We are also very grateful to everyone, especially to the DJs, Radio, My Team and the Listeners for the huge success we are having on the Charts!

I’ll close for this time and want to wish you a very Happy Labor Day Holiday…PLEASE BE SAFE in your travels!

God Bless & love,

Cheryl K.



We have amazing news; our YouTube Video Views are soaring!  “The Auction” Views are now 4,705,286 and “The Way You Do The Things You Do” Views (Jake’s Video) are now 147,012!  Wow, we are very excited and are also extremely grateful to you for our success…thank you from my heart for watching, supporting and sharing the videos.  I also send huge thanks to my team, family and friends for their hard work, talents and contributions toward our success…we could not achieve these things without you!

Once more I want to give you the links to the videos, hoping that you will keep watching and sharing them with everyone you know…let’s continue to break records together!  Here’s “The Auction” link:

Jake’s Video, “The Way You Do The Things You Do” is very important to me…I want the world to see Jake showcased with the uplifting song written by the legend, “Smokey” Robinson.  Here’s the link for “The Way You Do The Things You Do”:

CKW Remix CoverMy “Remix – Reflections & Dreams” Album is now being completed at the manufacturer and should be shipped to me around the 7th of August!  Long in the making, the hit music is made new again, with some of my self-penned songs planned for promotion and release.  This is so exciting for me…many talented people have helped me re-create this great music for your enjoyment!  I’m giving you a “sneak peek” at the artwork for the project.  My team will be working in the upcoming days to upload the new music to iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and other outlets.  This sometimes takes just a little while, so please keep checking for “Remix – Reflections & Dreams!”

CKW Records’ songs, both my songs and Sean’s, are doing very well on this week’s charts worldwide.  To everyone at Radio, to my hard-working team and to all of you, thanks for your roles in our success!  We will so appreciate your continued support of my “The Way You Do The Things You Do,” (Jake’s song), and Sean’s song, “Simple Days.”  

Please check iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and other internet outlets to hear and download Cheryl K. Warner songs, as well as Sean Osborne’s songs.  We are working hard to create “unforgettable” music for you!

Until next time, please take care & God Bless … Cheryl K.

download_itunes_button Cheryl K


download_itunes_button Sean Osborne




Things have been moving very fast for us, having many projects in the works.  Very soon when time permits, we will be writing a more detailed blog, but for today, we will be highlighting some of our important exciting news!

Our long awaited album project is now at the manufacturing plant…this is so exciting for us!  The project is called “Remix – Reflections & Dreams” and is a re-creation of our first album project with all those great songs, now new and soon to be ready for release and promotion (and hopefully chart activity)!  The “flagship” of these great songs “The Auction,” was released last October and turned into a “mega hit” song and YouTube video, with last count of 4,599,468 views, thanks to you, to all with whom you shared this and with special thanks to my very talented and hard-working team!  Please continue to share the video this with this link:

Jake’s song “The Way You Do The Things You Do” was released in May and is now gaining strong momentum on the charts, again, thanks to all of you and to my team!  The YouTube video of his song, made to honor his life and memory, was recently released.  I’d love for you to see and share the video at this link:

When “Remix – Reflections & Dreams” is officially released, we will advise you…it will be made available online everywhere just as soon as it is feasible!  

Our new artist, Sean Osborne is flying high with his release of “Simple Days!”  The song has been steadily climbing many important charts, nearing the top of several and just this week being selected as a “hit pick” on an important internet chart!  Congratulations to Sean who is a great and very promising talent!  We studio produced his current single and look forward to continuing to produce hits for him!  Sean’s music is available on iTunes and most online websites.

For now, I must close and get back to work for you!  Thanks to God, my family, my team and my friends for all of your help and inspiration!  God Bless & love, Cheryl K.





ckw slideWOW…all I can say to you is THANK YOU!  “The Auction” YouTube Video Views currently are 3,987,657…nearly “four million” in not quite eight months!  To all who wrote, helped with production, promotion, airplay, supported and believed in “The Auction” song and video, I want you to know how very much I have appreciated what you have done.  Your persistence and belief in the song is certainly raising the kind of awareness for farmers that I had dreamed of making, honoring them for the important work that they do for us every day and recognizing all of the personal sacrifices that they make for each one of us. I hope that you will continue to support and share the video with everyone that you know…yes, we can help and make a difference.  Here is the link for “The Auction” video:



Our CKW Records Label is doing great, with two of my songs, “The Way You Do The Things You Do” (Jake’s song) and “The Auction” both in the Top 26 of the RMR Chart for 5-31-13, along with Sean’s “Simple Days!”  Also, both “The Way You Do The Things You Do” and “Simple Days” are quickly climbing on the NMW Charts, as well as other top charts, being in the company of great artists like Lady Antebellum, Lee Brice, Hunter Hayes and Gary Alan.  DJs, Program/Music Directors, we thank you so much for giving our music the opportunity to be heard…and to our fans, friends, family and the listeners, we sincerely appreciate your great support of all of our projects…YOU make the difference in our success!


JakeI was finally emotionally strong enough to edit 500 pictures of Jake down to about 50 to be considered for his video production.  The video producer is working with them now and tells me that he will complete the project just as soon as it is feasible.  It is my hope that we will be able to release the video to YouTube in time for what would have been his 13th birthday, June 28th.  I will definitely keep you posted.  My purpose for the video is to give it as a gift to his parents and to all of our family, helping us and countless others to honor his life and keep his memory alive.  He was a remarkable and amazing little boy…wishing Jake a very Happy “13th” Birthday in Heaven!




seanosborne copyCongratulations to our CKW Record’s Artist, Sean Osborne for winning a preliminary online audition for competition in the American Country Star, Renegade Radio sponsored talent contest!  The live auditions will begin on June 17th in downtown Nashville and will culminate in semi-finals and finals in the fall, with one Grand Prize winner.  We will all have to attend Sean’s performance night in August at the Silver Dollar Saloon.  We will send you a reminder of the exact date and time when everything is confirmed.





It’s hard to imagine, and thanks to you, “The Auction” Views have now reached 3,654,976 Views!  Just when we thought our YouTube activity with the song might slow down, it appears to still be viral!  We are so grateful that we are continuing to bring awareness to the sacrifices that farmers make for us in their lives in order to put food onto our tables every day. Thanks from our hearts for all of your sharing of the Video to support us…we sincerely appreciate everything that you have done and we know that the farmers also thank you.  Please continue to share:


 “The Way You Do The Things You Do” was officially released the first of May.  The song is gaining momentum and is soaring on worldwide playlists and charts; it jumped 13 positions in one week on the 5-31-2013 New Music Weekly Country Main Chart in the Up & Coming section, being in the company of great artists like Lady Antebellum and Keith Urban.  The song has been released to honor my beloved grandson, Jake, with a picture video of Jake’s life currently in the works, so please stay tuned for this.  The song is available on iTunes, CD Baby, Google Play, Amazon and on most internet outlets.  We hope that you will request that the song be played on your worldwide and internet radio stations.



seanosborne copyCKW Record’s artist, Sean Osborne is soaring like an eagle with his current demo release of “Simple Days.”  He is proudly rising on many major worldwide radio charts and jumped 10 positions in one week on the 5-31-2013 New Music Weekly Country Main Chart, keeping company with great artists like Hunter Hayes, Gary Allan, Randy Houser and Justin Moore.  Sean’s song is also available on iTunes, CD Baby, Google Play, Amazon and other internet outlets.





WOW, thanks to you, “The Auction” is continuing to soar on YouTube…Views are now 2,549,804!  Even though the song has peaked out on the radio charts, it did remain on primary radio charts for “31” weeks!  According to the head of my radio promotions, Gary Bradshaw, that’s an accomplishment that many Major Label Artists never reach with a release!  So my work with “The Auction” will be ongoing, even if I’m actively promoting other singles.  Since I am trying to make a difference for farmers with this song by raising awareness for the important work that they do, I will continue working the song forever.  Please continue to view and share the Video with everyone you know.  You can also watch it here:


On May 1st, Cheryl K. released a new song to radio: “The Way You Do The Things You Do.”  It is a positive, upbeat song (a cover of the “hit” of the R & B Temptations) and recently having the huge talents of Tommy Dorsey and Michael Martin as sound engineers for remixing and re-mastering, with the mega talented Jay Vern and Cheryl K. as co-producers of the song. The song was test marketed in the past with positive results, but has never been released to primary radio or promoted as a single before, having been written by “Smokey” W. Robinson and R. Rogers.  

Cheryl K. is dedicating this song to honor the memory of Jacob David “Jake” Warner, her beloved grandson who departed this life on 4-10-13.  A picture video of this song, featuring “Jakes” life pictures is being produced by Wildhorse Movies and will be released to YouTube when completed. We will be writing more about our precious grandson, Jake in a Newsletter within a few days and will send it to you so that you will understand where we have been. 


Sean Osborne is getting plenty of attention with his first demo release of “Simple Days” on CKW Records.  The song is receiving worldwide airplay and is charting on many prestigious charts like the New Music Weekly Country Main Chart in the Up & Coming Section, this week at #58, being proud to keep company with Major Label Artists like Luke Bryan and Justin Moore, just to name a few.  Sean’s “Simple Days” held the #1 Most Downloaded Songs for 4 weeks on Airplay Access, a site that DJs use to download songs for radio airplay.


I need to sign off with this Newsletter with HUGE THANKS from my heart for everything that all of you do for me.  You are helping us break records for independent artists and helping us successfully compete with major label artists…THANK YOU.  I sincerely hope my music will make a difference in people’s lives and want to help them wherever they are in life.  

I will be writing another Newsletter within a few days, the Good Lord willing.  There are still many things that I need to discuss with you…I really want to tell you more about Jake.

God Bless, love & take care, Cheryl K.







It’s like a dream come true seeing my YouTube Video Views of “The Auction” reach the current number of 1,890,558!  I am very thankful to all of you for making this possible for me, but most importantly, for your help in raising awareness for the great work that farmers do for all of us every day and for bringing attention to the fact that they make many personal sacrifices helping us.  I hope that you will continue to share the Video with everyone you know so that our exposure of farmers’ issues will continue to soar.  Please watch the video of  “The Auction:”  

On the 4-05-13 New Music Weekly Country Main Chart, “The Auction” held strong and steady at “#6”; I am honored being in the company of Lady Antebellum and Miranda Lambert in the “Top Six” of the chart positions.  We now also have the distinct honor of having this song officially on the charts for “Six Months.”  THANKS AGAIN FROM MY HEART TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE HELPED US ACHIEVE THIS!!!  Here is the link to “The Auction” on iTunes:




We are extremely proud of the progress that CKW Records Artist Sean Osborne is making with his first demo release of “Simple Days.”  Sean’s song has been added to the programming of many stations worldwide, resulting in charting on many impressive charts like the 4-05-13 New Music Weekly Country Main Chart, where he is honored to be in the company of great artists like Justin Moore and Sheryl Crow.  Within the next several weeks, Sean’s music will be available online through iTunes, CD Baby and other major music online websites.


During this month, we will be meeting with business associates in Las Vegas to work on our business planning for 2013 and 2014; it will be very exciting!




Cheryl K. Warner’s “The Auction,” released by CKW Records/WHP, has made it to # 6 on the New Music Weekly Country Main Chart for 3-29-13, after having a presence there and on other important Charts for almost six months.  The heartfelt lyrics and music of the song have also struck a note with more than 1,738,326 viewers of “The Auction” YouTube Video.  Cheryl K. says, “ I  send my sincere gratitude to all of my friends in Country Radio, to my producers, promoters, songwriters, musicians, fans, friends and family…all the credit for my success goes to you…THANKS SO MUCH!”


Cheryl K. and her husband are preparing for a business trip to Las Vegas this spring to meet with Warner Productions, Inc. associates there.  Meetings will be held to discuss plans for 2013 and 2014 music business expansion.   

Sean Osborne’s “Simple Days,” released by CKW Records, has debuted at #75 also on the prestigious 3-29-13 New Music Weekly Country Main Chart, during the song’s third week of promotion.  Sean is also making great progress on other charts, like DJ Tom’s Real Country Chart in Tokyo, Japan.  “Simple Days” was written by Sean Osborne and produced by Cheryl K. Warner and Jay Vern on the famous Music Row, featuring some of Nashville’s finest musicians.



Cheryl K. Warner and CKW Records are making great progress in the music industry in 2013.  Cheryl K.’s “The Auction” (available on iTunes)has become a hugely successful   single release, being on the Charts for around 5 ¾ months now, with the YouTube Video of the song currently at “ 1,738,282”  Views.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd, CKW Records’ talented new artist, Sean Osborne, is gaining strong momentum with his first demo release, “Simple Days,” already appearing on DJ Tom’s prestigious Real Country Chart from Tokyo, Japan and having significant radio ads just in his second week of promotion.

We send our sincere thanks to all who have created, produced, provided airplay, promoted and supported our music and video;  we want to give you all of the credit for our success…THANKS SO MUCH.

3-22-13 New Music Weekly Country Main Chart - The Auction # 9

The Auction“Amazing News:  Cheryl K. Warner’s “The Auction” has stayed on important radio charts for five months now and is in the Top 12 of many charts like the New Music Weekly Country Main Chart for 3-08-13, along with Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Hunter Hayes and other great artists. “The Auction” YouTube Views are now 1,336,470.  Cheryl K. is extremely grateful to all who have helped make this happen.”


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Cheryl K. Warner is helping new artist Sean Osborne by releasing his first self-penned demo single, called “Simple Days” on her CKW Records Label. The song is an uplifting, positive, feel-good song and is expected to do well on Country Radio. The official promotions started on 3-05-13, headed by Gary Bradshaw at WHP Promotions.  More detailed information will follow.”



I am very excited to announce an achievement that we have made over the past two days.  “The Auction” YouTube Video now has 1,070,834 Views in just 4 months.  The song is also moving up on many important radio charts, like the prestigious New Music Weekly Country Main Chart, and is currently #13 for February 15, 2013.  I would like to thank all of the great people that work with me, putting their hearts into their hard work and thanks to radio, to my fans, friends and family for their amazing support of my music. 

2-15-13 New Music Weekly Country Main Chart - The Auction #13


“I am so happy to announce that “The Auction” is again soaring for our farmers.  It is moving up on many important charts and has jumped 7 points on New Music Weekly for 2-08-2013.  Our current YouTube Views for the song are 754,679 and counting!  Thanks so much to all who are making these great things possible.” You can download the single from iTunes HERE






Cheryl K. Warner’s “The Auction” jumped 5 positions to #25 on the NMW Chart for 1-11-13.  She feels very honored to be in the company of Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean and other great artists. The video of the song continues to soar on YouTube, currently with 659,838 views.



“Thanks for making 2012 incredible with a Grammy Nod, two “#1” Charted Songs & “The Auction” Video Hit”

God Bless & Love,

Cheryl K.


On October 16, 2012, amidst early promotions, Cheryl K. Warner’s latest single, “The Auction” has reached #41on DJ Tom’s Real Country in Tokyo, Japan.


CHERYL K. WARNER’S “THAT GTO” hits “#1” on the New Music Weekly Country Main Chart for 9-21-12!




      We have good news regarding our progress with “That GTO”.   We are fortunate to be on many Charts and Playlists in the USA and throughout the World.  On a prominent USA Chart, we remained in their Up & Coming Section during one of their most reported competitive times ever, with Major Labels intensely focused on having their artists appear on this Chart.  This week (6-15-12), Blake Shelton and Kenny Chesney surrounded Cheryl K. on their placement in this important Chart.  What a blessing to be in the same company of such great artists.  On another Independent World Chart, “That GTO” was named as a “Hit Pick of the Week” and moved up to #32 for the week.


We are busy at work preparing for our upcoming business trip to Las Vegas to meet with our business partners there. While there, we will be doing ground breaking work on our new project that is being designed for the discovery and development of new talent for the music industry.  To contact us regarding this, please visit .

“CHERYL K. WARNER’S current release, “THAT GTO” is continuing its’ move up on many USA and International Charts, among those charts the song is listed in “Chartbound” status on a Major Country Main Chart for June 1, 2012, successfully competing with Top Major Label and Independent Artists.

Cheryl K.s current single, “THAT GTO”, is receiving world-wide airplay and is moving up on important USA and International Charts, placing in chart positions consecutively with Keith Urban,  Chris Young and other Major Label Artists.

That GTO - Single - Cheryl K. Warner









CHERYL K.’s  “FANTASY” ALBUM received 2012 GRAMMY 1st Round Recognition for “Best Country Album”


CHERYL K. has been nominated for a New Music Weekly Award for “Best Country Female Artist”, along with Martina McBride, Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, et al.


CHERYL K has more than 42 Nationally and Internationally Charted Top 20 Songs, 12” #1 Songs.

Cheryl’s music is available on her WEBSITE as well as [itunes link=”″ title=”iTunes”]

New Music Weekly Awards Nominations, NMW Website Cheryl has been nominated in the category of Best Country Female Artist, along with Martina McBride, Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert and others.  The voting deadline for the NMW Awards has been extended to 3-02-12.   It is important that you fill in the first 3 lines of the ballot.  Cheryl is very excited and grateful that for the week of 2-17-12, “As Long As Forever Lasts” is at #27 on the New Music Weekly Main Chart…in great company with Toby Keith at #26 and Tim McGraw at #30.