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Hi Everybody!

It’s both incredible and amazing…our “These Are My Colors” EP Album songs are a hit, based upon internet popularity and bestselling tabulations by Amazon and other sites, also receiving “5 star” ratings on some sites such as Muzoic!  This could only happen because of the wonderful support that we have from our productions and promotions team, from my family, friends, fans, business associates and from all of you…THANK YOU!

And, in case you’re wondering where you can get the songs in “These Are My Colors” Album, they’re available all over the internet, but particularly on Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, iTunes and other sites, as well as in the STORE LINK on my website.  

Good news…I successfully submitted the album “These Are My Colors” and its’ songs into entries in the 59th GRAMMY AWARDS competition…what a process!  It’s extremely competitive, so I will be praying for an opportunity for my music!

SURPRISES will be coming your way before long…believe me, we’ve been busy, so please keep watching for our announcements!  It’s my goal to always keep you entertained and to provide little escapes for you from all the seriousness that we all have in our lives now.  I strive to always be a positive and inspirational influence in your life as I remind myself and remind you to just focus on what’s really important in life…God, family, friends, peace and freedom.

So until next time, enjoy the last few weeks of summer, spending time doing fun things with your family and friends, and take care!

God Bless & love,

3-07-12 Cheryl K. Warner