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spring ckw

I have some exciting news for you!  Since we’ve all been inside getting “cabin fever” with this long, hard winter, seeing the beginning of Spring with the beautiful sunshine makes me want to “clean” everything!  So, in appreciation of your being so amazing with your support of me, both professionally and personally, I want to discount ALL OF MY MUSIC MERCHANDISE WITH A 50% OFF EVERYTHING SALE!!!  Click HERE to go directly to the STORE I hope you’ll shop at our store while our quantities last.  When you check out use PROMO CODE “ckwpromo1”

As you know, I have put my total “heart and soul” into my music productions, so I think that you are going to get “extremely high quality” for your purchases!  I’m hoping that you will tell all your friends and family this great news so we will have the need to manufacture more CDs and products as a result of this sale!

I will be sending you another news update soon, giving you the latest information about my activities…it’s going to be a very exciting Spring and Summer.  As always, I will close by sending you my sincere thanks for your awesome support of me.  I feel like my family and friends are the “very best” out there!

God Bless & love,  Cheryl K.