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Re-Mix Of “Counterfeit Country Queen” Tagged As A Hit


Hi everybody!

With great enthusiasm, we are announcing this week’s release of our new recording of “Counterfeit Country Queen!”  We are as surprised as you are about releasing it at this time.  When I was preparing for my recent recording session, at the very last minute, I wasn’t able to finish a song that we’d planned to record, so I was short one song.  This session, I wanted to use all self-penned songs, so with some divine guidance, I decided to re-cut “Counterfeit Country Queen” in an updated, modern version.  Jay and the other musicians and singers were fabulous to work with on this and we knew when we were finished that, in Jay’s words, we had recorded a “smash hit!”

music_choice_usOur feelings were further confirmed after adding another new team member, Howie, who is a big-time, Multi-Format Radio Promoter.  Within 15 minutes of hearing the song, he called and said that he would like to help us with promotions to Top 40 and Hot Adult SiriusXM
Contemporary Charts, leaving the Country Radio Promotions in the very capable hands of Gary, Sherry and their associates. Howie also said that he would be putting the song on Sirius XM and Music Choice formats.  The promotions are starting by Thursday, June 9
th…everything is already happening fast!

All of this is so exciting that I just had to share it with you as soon as possible!  We will be putting the new version of the song on CD Baby very soon and they in turn will send it through their online distributors like iTunes, Google Play and many, many more.  It may take 1 to 2 weeks to have all of this happen, so stay tuned, excited and keep checking online…I can’t wait for you to hear this! 

I will need your help in making radio requests wherever you are for the 2016 new recording of “Counterfeit Country Queen.”  If they say they don’t have it, please tell them they need to get it to add to their playlists!!!  I will be sending more news soon around this and the upcoming release of my new album.

I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful, warm weather and am hoping that all is well with you.  Thanks so much to each of you for your great support of my music and for your friendship!

God Bless & love,

Cheryl K.