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Recording Session Was Magical

magical copyI’ve been so excited to tell you about my recording session over the weekend!  God was certainly with us as we recorded my final vocals for the session.  Jay was amazing on how he directed me in the session; he made me feel very comfortable, quite at home in the studio and encouraged me to be free to create and interpret the songs as I was feeling them, since they were written by me. But he was pure genius in offering many great musical suggestions as we were building each song’s vocal performance.  I feel so blessed to work with Jay; his arrangements and instrumental production for this session have been magical and I’m in awe of the huge talents of the musicians who played for me, they are, without a doubt, “Five Star” musicians. Dave was with me and offered me his emotional encouragement and support just by being there; I could see him out of the corner of my eyes as I was singing each song and he was smiling a lot.

So now, we begin the wait until everyone on the project has completed their work…it will be about 3 weeks before everything is completed, then we go to the manufacturing of the CDs and releasing everything digitally over the internet.  Right now, it’s looking like sometime in June, hopefully before July 1st.  We are hoping you’ll love the music as much as we do…all that we do is just for YOU!

So for now, I’ll get back to work and will be looking forward to getting back with you soon with an update of late, breaking events, so please stay tuned!  I hope that you and your loved ones are enjoying the beautiful, warmer weather…summer is near!

God Bless & love,

Cheryl K.

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