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Hi Everybody!

Happy Holidays!  You have been on my mind and in my heart during this beautiful, but busy holiday season.  I’ve been doing all the traditional things, like you, in trying to spend time remembering those whom I love with hopes that we’ll be able see family and friends.  It’s not looking good for us to see everyone this year, but all will be in our hearts and we’ll be sure to keep phone and online busy talking with them!

Reflecting on 2016 is extremely humbling for me and I’m overcome with gratitude.  Both personally and professionally, it’s been a phenomenal year!  Personally, we spent a lot of time with family and our friends, with a royal highlight being a big family and friends Anniversary/Album Release Party, having multi-talented and my co-producer, Jay Vern, as our Keyboardist/Entertainer … it was unforgettable!  Thanks so much to all who attended.

Professionally, 2016 has been a monumental year!  I was blessed to be able to write, record, release and promote a new EP Album of five songs entitled “These Are My Colors,” which has been made available on Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, iTunes, our Store, YouTube and other internet outlets.  The Album is becoming quite popular, with one of the songs, “Visions,” making it all the way to “#1” on the Charts and another song, “Counterfeit Country Queen,” remaining in the Charts for seven months, this week maintaining a “#9” position on the FMQB Adult Contemporary (Pop) Chart, with this being our first song ever to crossover to Pop Radio markets … amazing!  I’m including the current Chart for you to see.  We were also fortunate to create three new videos from the songs of the Album … “Visions,” “Counterfeit Country Queen” and “Are You Ready,” all produced by Wildhorse Entertainment.  I hope that you’ll view, love and share the videos with everyone close to you!

Finally, I once again want to send huge thanks to God, to my loyal family, friends, fans, to Radio and the awesome DJs, to my fabulous team, promoters and associates, as well as to all of you … this wonderful year would never have happened without you!

Wishing you a Joyous and Blessed Holiday, with unforgettable memories, so until next time …

God Bless & Love,