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Hi Everybody!

On Sunday, we had the most beautiful snowfall, big flakes that covered our large evergreen trees like God had touched them.  The white lights that we have outside our house this year, with the snow, significantly reminded me of the of the purity and wonder of God!

Yes, this season is wonderful in so many ways.  It’s a great time to reach out to family, friends and to those who are less fortunate than we are.  It’s all about giving and expecting nothing in return, which I think is the definition of love!

With my current book, “Counterfeit Country Queen: Jesus & Nashville Calling,” and with my first book, “Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams,” it is our goal to inspire people, especially children, about having focus on your dreams until they are achieved and to always allow God to help you with your journey, just by asking Him for His help.  Please share this link for each book.

And now, let’s get to our big plans!  In early January, I’ll be in Nashville with my husband Dave and with my Co-Producer, Jay Vern, recording Sample Soundtracks for both of my books, which will also be converted into Audio Books with my Original Music, it’s so exciting!!!  Soon after, we’ll make all of this available to you online!  Recently, we’ve had two Hollywood movie entities contact us regarding interest in my books and my story.  It may not ever happen, or if it does, it might take a long time, but, nonetheless, it is very exciting to have this interest!  At the very least, we’ll have Soundtracks of both books and very interesting Audio Books with my Original Music produced in Nashville by Jay Vern, Dave and me!

I hope that you’ll help me keep my music and videos going during all of this “Book” excitement!  Please encourage everyone close to you to consider giving gifts of my music, all available on Amazon, CD Baby, Google, iTunes, Star CCQ, YouTube and other internet outlets.  And, I’d love it if you could visit our Star CCQ Boutique for holiday shopping; we have very unique products, with our primary goals of helping women to look and feel beautiful!  Here’s the link.

My family and I wish you a wonderful, safe holiday, always remembering the real meaning of the season with love for God, family and friends.  I thank all of you, from my heart, for everything that you bring to my life!

So until next time . . .  God Bless & love you, Cheryl K.