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Dear Family and Friends,

Since we last talked, so much has happened.  Our world is at War with a deadly virus that we knew nothing about until the last few months.  There has been widespread sickness and loss of life, requiring us to be physically distant from each other, which is so very hard for all of us.  We miss being physically close to one another, for it is our nature to thrive when we can be together.

However, we are facing these new challenges with great valor, courage, resilience and the strongest ever desire to help one another, like we have never witnessed before.  Even though we are physically distanced from each other, there is unprecedented caring, sharing and so much love being shown.  It’s almost like God has hit our “reset” button to awaken us to what should be our priorities . . . our dependence on Him, on family, friends and getting back to genuine love and caring for all of humanity.  The pause that we are required to take now is certainly not easy, but with that, we are on a huge learning curve, restructuring many of our priorities to become simpler, with important focuses that we have rediscovered.

What are your thoughts, do you think that our lives will be the same once the virus is controlled? Only God knows the answer to this question.  Since He is our protector, we need to trust Him completely always, no matter how difficult our circumstances may be.  I truly believe that our world may not be just what it was, but that it will be a better world full of people who have learned to love stronger, care and share more, even at a distance.

To our angels and heroes helping us through this experience, there are not words strong enough to thank you for carrying on with your services and your jobs, showing us such bravery and sacrifice.  You’re extraordinary to be allowing all of us who are well enough to be home live as normal a life as is possible now, thank you from our hearts.

We’re so happy to say that, for now, our family is well.  My medical knowledge and previous profession as a registered nurse have certainly been helpful these days.   Our son is working hard at his job from home.  Our daughters are both working hard, too, fighting the battle, one daughter, a molecular biologist testing for the virus, the younger daughter as a registered nurse caring for virus patients.  Our grandsons are safe at home from school for the rest of the school year.  We’re extremely proud of our family!

Please stay well and safe, I’ll be checking back with you very soon!

God Bless and love you, Cheryl K.