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Hi Everyone!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Mom’s out there!  As I’ve always heard, “Mother” is another word for “Love!”  Oh, my goodness, what would have happened to us without the one-of-a-kind love from our Mothers!  The most fulfilling job that I have ever had in life has been to be a Mom to our three beautiful children, alongside being a proud Grandmother to our four grandsons who have shown me the “real” definition of love, all of us being guided by my amazing husband, thank you God!

My Mom went to Heaven quite a while ago, much too soon as far as her family was concerned.  She was the most wonderful person that I think I have ever met, very soft-spoken, angelic, hard working for her children, pure, emanating love to everyone who would be near her. Oh, how I miss her.  She was very creative, a writer, poet and songwriter always working on these things late into the night, because, during the day, she had to work for our family.  She could have gone very far creatively were it not that she spent most of her time working for her family, at work and then at home.  When my sister and I came home from school when she was at work, she had already prepared our dinner, delicious home-made foods!

One of my Mom’s poems always stayed in my mind, titled “Out of the Dusk.”  The poem was based on a very romantic encounter that she had when she was 18 years old. At a train station, she instantly fell in love with a man at first glance.  It was a beautiful, once-in-lifetime moment, “love at first sight” for both of them, but sadly, a very crowded environment separated them, without there being any chance to be face-to-face.  My Mom never forgot him and always yearned to see him again, repeatedly going back to the same train station.  So, she wrote this beautiful poem to him.

I was so moved by the beauty of her poetry, that, many years later, I composed music for this very special poem.  It came to me instantly, and I think, this music is among my greatest triumphs in songwriting and composing.  in regards to my song “Out of the Dusk” the lyrics were written and inspired by Edna Veronica Niday, my Mother, and composed by me.  Here is a sample: “I was softly humming a sad love song, when out of the dusk, you came along. Under the starry sky and moon ever so pale, our eyes met, and my heart fell . . . “

So, with the indescribable talent of, Jay Vernali, we have recorded a new version of the song that will be included in our forthcoming, new album!  It’s so exciting, Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I love you!  All of you will be soon hearing this artful song, with stunning performances by our “Five Star” Music Row Studio Musicians, great thanks to them!

Now, for more exciting news, the Audiobook of “Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams” will soon be available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes, completed with my readings of the book, and in background, many instrumental versions of my original songs, it’s very special! Here’s the link to enjoy!

In the meantime, we hope you’ll love everything we’ve previously recorded, all available on AmazonCD BabyGoogle PlayiTunesStar CCQ BoutiqueYouTube and other internet outlets, hope you’ll enjoy!  Have a blessed Mother’s Day Weekend, please honor your Mothers!  

I hope you’ll enjoy spring with your family and friends, so until next time . . .

God Bless and love you,

Cheryl K.