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Hi Everybody!

Happy New Year!  Wow, this is coming so fast; 2019 is arriving, ready or not!  Okay, let’s just embrace it with our hearts and enthusiasm.  There are going to be so many new opportunities to spend time with God, family, friends, with your passions and work, and most importantly, to reach out to serve and help others with our talents and time.


Yes, I’m always striving to do a better job in all of those categories each year.  So this year, I’m starting out with a “bang” in the studio with Jay Vern, producing some of my new original songs and also, redoing some of my popular original songs to use in audio original book soundtracks of both of my books, Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams and new release, Counterfeit Country Queen:  Jesus & Nashville Calling.” It’s all so exciting, already having a little interest in both books from a couple of movie industry people!  We’ll hold down our excitement, since, a lot of these interests may never materialize, or if they do, it could take a very long time.  But we’re still happy with the interest and will pursue our own path, with the hopes of climbing farther with our goals without any additional help!   Read more