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Breaking News: New Year Nashville Recording Session Was Over The Rainbow

Hi Everybody!

Wow, I just couldn’t wait to tell you the good news!  Our January 4th Nashville Recording Session was beyond amazing!

I feel so blessed to have worked in Jay Vern’s Music Row Studio again.  Both Jay and I had planned it well. On Thursday, I did a studio reading of both books:  Book One, “Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams,” and Book Two, “Counterfeit Country Queen: Jesus & Nashville Calling” (both books are available on Amazon, please click HERE).

On Friday, January 4th, the “5 Star” Nashville Players were on board to record remakes of “8” of my most successful original songs, which will be integrated into the readings of both of my books and will be soon be available on and other internet audio book outlets (we’ll send you a note about the release dates).  It’s all so exciting, since it’s truly original, with our Grammy recognized Music Row talent supporting the stories I have written in the book . . . and it’s all just for you! Read more