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He’s got the whole world in his hands. He’s got the whole wide world in his hands…

Dear Family & Friends,

Presently, we are a Country and a World on hold for many things due to our current situation with the highly contagious Coronavirus.  We certainly did not choose our circumstances; however, we are left to find our strengths to successfully walk this journey.

Faith is the foundation that keeps my family and I grounded.  God is always so good, protecting, guiding and directing us.  We know that, regardless of what is happening, God is in charge and He will watch over us, no matter what, we just need to pray to Him.  It is with Him, with His Light and Love, that we have infinite Hope and a bright future! Read more

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Dear Family and Friends,

Since we last talked, so much has happened.  Our world is at War with a deadly virus that we knew nothing about until the last few months.  There has been widespread sickness and loss of life, requiring us to be physically distant from each other, which is so very hard for all of us.  We miss being physically close to one another, for it is our nature to thrive when we can be together.

However, we are facing these new challenges with great valor, courage, resilience and the strongest ever desire to help one another, like we have never witnessed before.  Even though we are physically distanced from each other, there is unprecedented caring, sharing and so much love being shown.  It’s almost like God has hit our “reset” button to awaken us to what should be our priorities . . . our dependence on Him, on family, friends and getting back to genuine love and caring for all of humanity.  The pause that we are required to take now is certainly not easy, but with that, we are on a huge learning curve, restructuring many of our priorities to become simpler, with important focuses that we have rediscovered. Read more