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Hi Everyone!

I have been taking lots of “deep breaths” lately as we work “hard and fast” on so many of our projects, all the while being extremely grateful and overjoyed!  Many thanks to all of you for supporting me on our exciting journey; I’m also very appreciative to God, my family, to my friends and fans, to the great DJs and Radio, to my fabulous team and associates . . . bravo! 

Written by Frank Wainwright, my current radio single, “NASHVILLE,” is from our “5 Star” latest album titled “NO LIMITS.”  It is receiving tremendous airplay on some important radio stations, also moving up each week on the prestigious Mediabase “Top 40” Chart and is in the company of many “Top 40” music legends!  How very blessed I feel, as well as being deeply humbled at this moment in time.  Let’s keep going!  “NO LIMITS” was recorded on the famous Music Row of Nashville, produced by the genius of Jay Vernali and magically mastered by Tommy Dorsey of Masterfonics, Nashville. All of the songs of “NO LIMITS” (and all of my albums) are available on Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, iTunes, Star CCQ Boutique, Tidal and many other internet outlets. Read more

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Hi Everbody!

Goodness, it’s been too long since we last talked … I have missed being in touch with you!  Like you, my family and I have started so many projects in this New Year, wanting to generally clean up, reorganize, redecorate around our home and complete all of our music business projects, while planning many exciting new things for 2017!

And, I’m thrilled to share with you three images from our upcoming “Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams” Book, the images being created by our talented illustrator, Ashley Teets.  We think the images are amazing, representing different stages of my life and my career and hope that you will love them!  We’re almost ready for the printing stage of the Book, so we will all have a tangible book sometime in the near future … we’ll definitely keep you posted on this! Read more