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Dear Family & Friends,

Our lives now are totally changed due to Covid-19 and we have certainly had a large learning curve.  There are many things that have saddened all of us and we are grieving for those whom we have lost, for those who have been sickened and for a return to our previous lives.  We are all bonded by feeling these emotions. However, much to our surprise, we are now discovering new horizons, little moments and simplicity that we are finding to be more meaningful than the hectic paths that we had walked before Covid-19. Read more

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Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year!  What a great feeling to have a new year and decade that are flawless and are available for us to start anew, working on our hopes and dreams.  Of course, there will be many new goals for all of us this new year and I’ll have upcoming surprises for you, so please be watching for our updates!

“The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.”   — Pablo Picasso

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The Christmas Holiday seemed to be over in a flash this year for my family and me.  We were blessed to have a gathering of seven members of our family at our house in celebration of the Birth of Jesus.  It was indeed a very special time for our family and our world to stop to remember the true meaning of this Holy time of year. Read more

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Hi Everybody!

grammyOkay, I have to take another deep breath, with a smile, feeling humbled, grateful, and happy about what has happened this week.  Several amazing things have occurred!  First, I’m honored to be on the 59th Grammy Awards First Round Ballot in four categories … incredible!  My respect for the Recording Academy and the Grammy Awards process makes this very meaningful for me.  Even if nothing more happens with this, I’m just so happy! Read more

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Hi Everybody!

I thought about each of you over the 4th of July weekend, hoping that you would be having a wonderful, blessed time with your family and friends; we Americans love holidays, don’t we!

As for me, most of our whole family, neighbors and a lot of friends were re-united for a “Big Party!”  Besides celebrating the fact that we were happily together, we celebrated Dave’s and my wedding anniversary, as well as celebrating the release of “These Are My Colors” Album.  What a party we had…great company, so much laughter and fun, amazing food and wonderful music that made us all dance, provided by Jay Vern (my talented Nashville co-producer, extraordinary keyboardist and friend).  And…there was a huge fireworks display right in our neighborhood!  We don’t know who arranged that, but their timing was perfect and we are grateful! Read more

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Hi Everybody!
It’s finally “summer” and with that comes so much enthusiasm about being outdoors with family and friends and is also a great time to enjoy and share “music!”
imageWith great excitement, I’m so happy to announce that my “THESE ARE MY COLORS” Album is officially released now and is in the beginning stages of its’ worldwide distribution! As we speak, it is currently available for downloads on CD Baby (and soon also the physical CDs will be available there).
All of my music is available on all other major music websites like Amazon, iTunes, Google Music Store and others … this new music is in the process of being added to the other sites right now. We will soon add this new CD to the store page on this website for downloads and we will also make it available for you to purchase physical CD’s, which many people like to have to enjoy the Artwork.
I truly believe that the music on “THESE ARE MY COLORS” is the best music of my career; I’m just overcome with excitement about sharing it with you. As you may already know, I wrote all of the songs and they all came straight from my heart hoping to get to yours.
Today I’m waiting for the radio tracking of the second week of promotion of our newest release, the newly recorded “Counterfeit Country Queen.” I’m so excited about what our great promoters are doing with the song and are adding NEW stations for us, like KCHE Radio, phone 712-225-2511) and Sound Machine Counftry Radio (DJ Bear email: It would mean so much to me if you would request hearing “Counterfeit Country Queen” on these stations, both available to listen to online, as well as requesting the song on any stations of any format near where you live.

So until next time…which will be soon,
God Bless, thanks for everything & love,

Cheryl K.

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Recording Session Was Magical

magical copyI’ve been so excited to tell you about my recording session over the weekend!  God was certainly with us as we recorded my final vocals for the session.  Jay was amazing on how he directed me in the session; he made me feel very comfortable, quite at home in the studio and encouraged me to be free to create and interpret the songs as I was feeling them, since they were written by me. But he was pure genius in offering many great musical suggestions as we were building each song’s vocal performance.  I feel so blessed to work with Jay; his arrangements and instrumental production for this session have been magical and I’m in awe of the huge talents of the musicians who played for me, they are, without a doubt, “Five Star” musicians. Dave was with me and offered me his emotional encouragement and support just by being there; I could see him out of the corner of my eyes as I was singing each song and he was smiling a lot. Read more

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Happy Spring Everybody!


I love spring, with daffodils now in full bloom in our yard and everywhere, landscaping is turning green and suddenly, we’re blessed with many days of beautiful sunshine.  All of this is certainly giving me renewed energy and a great sense of excitement, especially with all of the great things happening with my music and personally, knowing that some of our family will be here with us for Easter.

It is also very exciting that my “Visions (remix)” Video has been viewed by over a quarter of a million people all over the world so far (between Facebook & YouTube), in a very short period of time.  It was my goal this year to release the song and video around Easter because of its powerful and hopeful message.  I hope that you’ll continue to watch and share the video with everyone close to you, here’s the LINK. Read more

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“Visions” (remix) Song & Video Gaining Huge Acceptance & Support

Hello to my family, friends, fans, radio supporters, to my team & my associates!

Incredible things are starting to happen with my “Remix Visions” song and video, all because of YOU…THANK YOU!  Both the song and the video were released to radio, YouTube and the public the week of February 22nd and, so far, everything is looking really great.  To date, YouTube and my Facebook Fan Page have combined views at over 103,000…so amazing, thank you!  Since the message of the song and video are so powerful, it would mean a lot to me if you would continue to watch the video and also share it with everyone close to you. Read more