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Dear Family & Friends,

Our lives now are totally changed due to Covid-19 and we have certainly had a large learning curve.  There are many things that have saddened all of us and we are grieving for those whom we have lost, for those who have been sickened and for a return to our previous lives.  We are all bonded by feeling these emotions. However, much to our surprise, we are now discovering new horizons, little moments and simplicity that we are finding to be more meaningful than the hectic paths that we had walked before Covid-19. Read more

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Mother’s Day Blog – May 13, 2012

Being a “Mom” to three of the most perfect children in the world has been one of the greatest blessings of my life.  I’m still amazed when I think about how well they turned out…so spiritual, caring, family oriented, hard-working and responsible people.  My time was well spent helping them grow and develop and now they make the world a better place for everyone around them.  Every day, I think about my own, departed, “role model” Mother, remembering her unselfish love, all of the sacrifices she made and all the many things that she taught me.  Her greatest gift to me was how she taught me, by example, to be a God-loving, good Mother. This Mother’s Day, I salute all Mothers, whose names are synonymous with great love.  Read more