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You have made me very happy!  THANKS SO MUCH for “NEARLY A HALF MILLION” YouTube views of “THE AUCTION”!  It is both amazing and unbelievable how you shared the video with your friends, family, listeners and associates with them doing the same, going on and on, turning the video into a HUGE YOUTUBE HIT!  I truly thank you from my heart and want you to know how very much I appreciate your help in getting the “STORY OF THE AUCTION” out to the public.  The real reason I recorded the song in the beginning is that the story touched my heart.  I thought that it I recorded it, maybe I could make a difference for farmers and create a renewed awareness and appreciation for the important work that they do.  The public needs to know about the sacrifices that many of them have to make and that they should think about them when they sit down at the table to enjoy their family dinner.  They deserve to be HONORED and HELPED when they are in a time of need.  We all just need to stand up and show them that we care…maybe just that will help them get through the hard times. Please check out the National Farmers Organization Read more