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Hi Everybody!

Oh my goodness, the holidays are beginning, just can’t believe it!  Ready or not, it’s time to begin “the most wonderful time of the year,” when everyone seems to be a little kinder and more generous to others.  Yes, it is a time to look beyond ourselves and remember the most important things about earning our spot here on planet earth, trying to make a difference in making it a better place for everybody while spreading God’s love wherever we are!

Personally, I’m so excited about getting to spend time with family and friends, vowing to serve my loved ones and myself great foods, but much smaller portions than ever before, hoping to stay on track of our weight control!

Now for a music update!  All is going amazingly well, thanks to God, to Radio and the incredible DJs, to my loyal family, fmqbfriends, to my fans and to my remarkable team of promoters and associates … THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!  We’re reaching into new horizons with “Counterfeit Country Queen,” staying in the “Top 20” Adult Contemporary FMQB (Pop) Chart this week, alongside my heroes and legends in the business.  Our plan is to continue with the song over the next 2 weeks before all the Christmas music is playing and then, on January 2nd, we’ll release a follow-up single; we’ll definitely be keeping you posted on that!

Over the holidays, it will mean so much to me if you’ll share my music with those who are close to you, remembering how grateful I am to you for helping me achieve my dreams.  My current EP Album “These Are My Colors” and all of my previous albums, videos and songs are available on Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, iTunes, our Store, YouTube and other internet outlets.  I hope you’ll invite others to come for a visit to our website, telling them to check out our blogs for short versions of the latest news!

My family and I wish you a very meaningful, happy and fun-filled Thanksgiving with hopes that you will stay safe and well!


So until next time …

God Bless & Love,

3-07-12 Cheryl K. Warner