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Hi Everyone!

I would like to begin my blog today talking about YOU!  Your support of the many projects I’m working on means so much to me . . . THANK YOU!  I’m driven and nudged by God to do the work I’m doing, sometimes not fully understanding where He wants me to go, so I just put one step forward, then He fully directs me, thank you God.  AND then, it’s YOU who hold my hand while I’m taking this walk, always reassuring me that I can do this.  Being lead by God is a powerful thing, and having the support of family, friends, fans, my fabulous team, radio and the amazing DJs, my music and business associates, sometimes, my eyes tear thinking about all of you and what you mean to me!

This upcoming weekend is our Memorial Day Celebration.  I really want to reach out to all of our Veterans to tell them that I love them very much and that their selfless service to our Country is just so amazing!  Your sacrifices and service touches all of our hearts deeply, THANK YOU just doesn’t seem to be adequate to tell you how much we appreciate everything that you do.  YOU are the backbone of our Country’s morality and ethical standards . . . YOU always do right, keeping us safe and secure, thank you from my heart!

My team and I continue to work very hard toward the completion of many projects, and we’re making good progress.  Our Album #5 should be completed by the second week of June, yay!  And I can assure you that my team and I are making it our best work ever, very special thanks to Jay Vernali, Tommy Dorsey, Howard Rosen and Brenda Brown Entertainment, with Brenda tirelessly helping me with my blogs, many other things and working on getting our Audiobooks live on Audible, Amazon and iTunes . . . coming just any minute, please keep checking!  With the Audiobooks, it’s going to be an unforgettable experience to hear instrumental versions of many of our Grammy recognized songs in the background of my reading of the texts of the books, so excited for you to hear!

In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy our many works that are already out there!  Our music and videos are available on Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, iTunes, YouTube, Star CCQ Boutique and many other internet outlets.  Beautiful hard cover versions of Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams and Counterfeit Country Queen Jesus & Nashville Calling,” are currently available on Amazon, please enjoy!

Please have a meaningful and safe holiday, enjoy!  My family and I will be enjoying hot dogs with the works and homemade ice cream, yum!

So until next time . . .  

God Bless & love you, Cheryl K.