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Hi Everybody!
It’s finally “summer” and with that comes so much enthusiasm about being outdoors with family and friends and is also a great time to enjoy and share “music!”
imageWith great excitement, I’m so happy to announce that my “THESE ARE MY COLORS” Album is officially released now and is in the beginning stages of its’ worldwide distribution! As we speak, it is currently available for downloads on CD Baby (and soon also the physical CDs will be available there).
All of my music is available on all other major music websites like Amazon, iTunes, Google Music Store and others … this new music is in the process of being added to the other sites right now. We will soon add this new CD to the store page on this website for downloads and we will also make it available for you to purchase physical CD’s, which many people like to have to enjoy the Artwork.
I truly believe that the music on “THESE ARE MY COLORS” is the best music of my career; I’m just overcome with excitement about sharing it with you. As you may already know, I wrote all of the songs and they all came straight from my heart hoping to get to yours.
Today I’m waiting for the radio tracking of the second week of promotion of our newest release, the newly recorded “Counterfeit Country Queen.” I’m so excited about what our great promoters are doing with the song and are adding NEW stations for us, like KCHE Radio, phone 712-225-2511) and Sound Machine Counftry Radio (DJ Bear email: It would mean so much to me if you would request hearing “Counterfeit Country Queen” on these stations, both available to listen to online, as well as requesting the song on any stations of any format near where you live.

So until next time…which will be soon,
God Bless, thanks for everything & love,

Cheryl K.