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“Visions” (remix) Song & Video Gaining Huge Acceptance & Support

Hello to my family, friends, fans, radio supporters, to my team & my associates!

Incredible things are starting to happen with my “Remix Visions” song and video, all because of YOU…THANK YOU!  Both the song and the video were released to radio, YouTube and the public the week of February 22nd and, so far, everything is looking really great.  To date, YouTube and my Facebook Fan Page have combined views at over 103,000…so amazing, thank you!  Since the message of the song and video are so powerful, it would mean a lot to me if you would continue to watch the video and also share it with everyone close to you.

I also hope that you’ll visit and follow me on Facebook to join with us daily as we’re taking this musical journey; it’s going to be very exciting!  You can also view the video here. 

We recently were notified that my “Remix Reflections & Dreams” Album (released in 2013) is still going stronger than ever.  On February 29th, the album was at #6 on the RMR Top 50 Albums Chart.  I am humbled and very grateful to radio, to my team and to the fans…let’s just keep on going!  All of my music is available through and administered by CD Baby, with their distribution of it to every major internet music outlet, such as iTunes, Amazon and many, many other sites.  “Visions (remix)” has just been cleared and released to CD Baby for distribution just in the last couple of days and should be showing up everywhere shortly.

I will definitely be writing you again soon.  I hope that you’re beginning to see the positive signs of spring and that all is well with you and yours! 

So until next time…

God Bless & love,

Cheryl K.

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