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Hi Everybody!

Finally, the fall season is here and we can take a deep breath of cooler, fresh air as we become more energized with life and all the projects that we have on our lists!  That’s exactly how I feel right now … renewed, excited and just bursting at the seams to try to keep up with all the good things that are happening for us now!

Much progress is being made with our children’s book.  Our illustrator is projected to complete the illustrations and formatting within five weeks; wow, I can’t wait!  She has shared some of the images that she’s created and they are wonderful!  Did I tell you the working title for the book?  Well, it is … “A Counterfeit Country Queen’s Dreams”.  It may get tweaked a little, but it will be something like this, I hope you like it!

Progress is also being made with our doll; design finalizing is happening now, with our being very close to starting the prototype … and after that is when we get to start creating many dolls!  I’m waiting to surprise you with how she will look; she’s going to be awesome!

Our musical releases are going just great.  Counterfeit Country Queen” has been having some amazing results.  Here is the LINK to our “CCQ” video.   The song is now near the top of Country Radio Charts and has crossed over to so many Pop Radio Stations, which has been new territory for us … I’m very grateful!  I hope you’ll continue to contact any and all radio stations requesting that they play the song.  “Visions” is continuing to receive lots of airplay and is still on many charts.  Here’s the LINK to our “Visions” video.

We so appreciate your support of our current album “These Are My Colors” and hope that you will tell everyone close to you about it and how they can hear and enjoy it.  It’s available through Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, iTunes and at our Store and other outlets. The album, I feel, is the best of my career.

“Are You Ready” is in the very early stages of release, so we’ll be talking a lot about it as we go along and will announce when the video has been released … it should be soon … so exciting, since this song, like “Visions” came entirely to me with a message from God!

Your support means so much to me … thanks to God, my family, friends, fans, to my incredible team and associates and to all of you … you make everything work for me!

So until next time … God Bless & love

3-07-12 Cheryl K. Warner