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Hi Everybody!

I thought about each of you over the 4th of July weekend, hoping that you would be having a wonderful, blessed time with your family and friends; we Americans love holidays, don’t we!

As for me, most of our whole family, neighbors and a lot of friends were re-united for a “Big Party!”  Besides celebrating the fact that we were happily together, we celebrated Dave’s and my wedding anniversary, as well as celebrating the release of “These Are My Colors” Album.  What a party we had…great company, so much laughter and fun, amazing food and wonderful music that made us all dance, provided by Jay Vern (my talented Nashville co-producer, extraordinary keyboardist and friend).  And…there was a huge fireworks display right in our neighborhood!  We don’t know who arranged that, but their timing was perfect and we are grateful!

image“These Are My Colors” Album is now being widely distributed for downloading via CD Baby and its’ partners (Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and others).  The physical CDs are available through CD Baby and soon will be on my Website ; the artistic design of the physical CDs is quite beautiful, thanks to our friends at Disc Makers.  I’m so excited to share this new music with you; I feel that it is my best produced music so far!

Dave showed everybody at the party my latest video “Counterfeit Country Queen which is off to a good start on YouTube.  It’s my hope that you will watch, love and share the video.  My song is also doing well on country radio and is also being featured on several multi-format stations:  KQID FM in Alexandria, LA, request line 318-473-0093; KFLW FM in St. Robert, MO phone 573-336-5359; KCHE Radio in Cherokee, IA phone 712-225-2511 and Sound Machine Variety Radio, Internet requests click HERE. It would mean so much to me if you would contact these stations (as well as any stations of any format near you) and request that they play “Counterfeit Country Queen.”  If they say they don’t have it, please ask them to get it! With your awesome support, who knows what we can accomplish together!

My song and video “Visions” seems to have a life of its’ own.  It is still charting high on many charts (some for as long as 57 note of thanksweeks of being on the chart) and the video is gaining more and more views; because I believe the song has been divinely inspired, I’m still hoping you’ll view, love and share it: click HERE.  I just have to say thanks to God and to all of you for what’s happened with “Visions.”  Let’s just try to keep it all going on and on.

And finally, I want to give a big “shout out” to God and to all of you, to my family, friends, to my fans, to radio and all the great DJs, and very importantly, to my incredible team and associates of many self-less people who are always working in my behalf…I sincerely appreciate each of you!

So until next time…

God Bless & love,

Cheryl K.