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Hi Everybody!

We are currently working on some “very exciting” plans that we’ll reveal to you within a month…this is going to be really cool stuff that we can’t wait to share with you and surprise you!  Hey, that’s my job, to keep you entertained, surprised and happy!

Thank you for making this the most unbelievable summer I’ve ever had in my life and career!  With my feet firmly grounded, I have been approaching all things in my life and career with an attitude of reaching for the stars…and, I’m grateful to say that all of it is working, thanks to God, to radio and the fabulous DJs, to my family, friends, to my fans and to my incredible team and associates!7-29-16 Country Internet Top 30 Recurrent Chart-1

My current single release, “Counterfeit Country Queen” continues to rise in popularity on all radio formats…Country, Top 40, Hot Adult Contemporary and Variety stations.  Fortunately, since the radio list is now long, it would be awesome if you could just contact both terrestrial and internet radio stations that are your favorites and just request to hear “Counterfeit Country Queen.”  And if they say they don’t have it, ask them to get it!  With our working together on this, who knows how far we’ll be able to go!  A current chart is attached to show you the great progress that we together are making.  

The video of the song is doing well, but we need to work to get the views up as high as possible, so please watch, enjoy and share the video with those close to you.  I hope you’ll love the video, it was fun putting it together!  

I’m hoping you’re having fun this summer with your family and loved ones.  We’re all going to be looking forward to the approaching of fall, with all the special fun that it brings.  So until we talk again…take care and stay excited!

I’ll be talking with you again very soon…

God Bless & love,

Cheryl K.