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Hi Everybody!

Well, I feel just like a child waiting for Christmas in terms of waiting for the processes to unfold with the projects that we’re going to complete for you!  Time seems to be passing slowly to get these things done, but again, like my Mother always said, “Good things come to those who wait!”  We’re trying to make incredible products for you, so let’s all remain patient and know that “fun stuff” will be finalized as soon as it is possible!

ccqLast Thursday, I received a phone call from one of several of our talented promoters telling me that they wanted to extend the promotion of “Counterfeit Country Queen” for six more weeks, since in their words, “The song is really rocking and rolling now, with many additional multi-format stations increasing our radio spins and new stations have been added!”  YAY, what amazing news!  As always, I have to give my highest credits and thanks to God, my family, friends, fans, to radio and my DJ friends, to my hard-working team and associates, and to all of you for being so supportive of everything that I do.

CCQ” did make the Mediabase Chart last week, from which many other important Top 40, Adult Contemporary, Variety and other charts, such as Billboard, are determined.  I’m very grateful for this happening, as well as for the awesome and loyal support from country radio.

Wildhorse Entertainment is working hard to complete the new video for our newest release, “Are You Ready,” so stay tuned for our announcement of its’ posting on YouTube.  This song is a very important song with a message, so I hope that you’ll listen to it and share it with everyone close to you.  It is a song from “These Are My Colors” Album that is available on Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, iTunes, at our Store and other outlets.  I once again want to share with you the fact that I feel that this album is the best work of my career, so far.  I hope you’ll enjoy the music produced by Jay Vern and my talented team of musicians, singers, and engineers!

My family and I hope you’re enjoying the nice weather as much as we are … please take care!

So until next time … God Bless & love

3-07-12 Cheryl K. Warner